Kristen Nominated for MTV Movie Awards ‘Best Hero’

Looks like MTV is backtracking on their decision to alienate Twilight fans from the MTV Movie Awards this year by adding a new category to the line-up — ‘Best Hero’ featuring Kristen Stewart as Snow White. Now, if only they could write in Rob somewhere, then we’d have a show to watch!

Vote for Snow White as BEST HERO here!


Source: MTV

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10 thoughts on “Kristen Nominated for MTV Movie Awards ‘Best Hero’

  1. Nothing against Kristen, I wish her well but I’m really annoyed with MTV. Wish Rob could be nominated for something he has also worked so hard.

  2. Well, I have a comment for mtv-too little, too late. I really don’t even want Kristen to have to attend this travesty of a show, so I’m not even voting at all-not even for her-I’m sure she’d thank me.
    mtv is dead to me.

  3. I feel like MTV is using Kristen to get high viewers and ratings after they saw the backlash of completely ignoring twilight. Making up another category? really? I hope Kristen won’t attend even if she win. A lot of fans feel the same way so screw you mtv, a lot of fans ain’t watching.

    • I hope Kristen & Taylor don’t attend, even if they win. MTV screwed Twilight over big time.

    • I totally agree with Miss D. MTV realized that a lot of the viewers posted that they will boycott the show so to boost their ratings they decided to use Kristen. I hope she wins but does not give them the satisfaction of attending. How about the battle scene in BD2. That was epic! Bill Condon did a superb job yet is was not nominated. MTV blows………………………………….

      • I know there where so many catagories BD2 could have been nominated in, but MTV dropped Twilight like, Twilight Tues and their coming up with the saga never happened. So I’m dropping them.

  4. If they were trying to back track and not alienate the Twilight fans they would have nominated BD2 not something for SWATH…..

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