Kristen Stewart in Talks to Join James Franco in Seasons of Dust


Although there is no OFFICIAL confirmation, Kristen is in talks to star alongside James Franco in his new indie flick, Seasons of Dust. We know not to take this seriously until sources confirm this casting update, but for now, we could not be more excited! We love seeing Kristen on the big screen .. especially alongside a known Kristen supporter.

According to ClevverTV, here’s the low-down of the film’s plot:

Seasons of Dust takes place in the Great Depression. It all starts when Jamie is forced to move in with a farm family after her grandfather commits suicide, but when the son tries to rape her, she injures him badly and fleas the town unaware of whether or not the son is alive. That is when she meets the dashing criminal, Ricky, and the two embark on a journey across the country as they must stay one step ahead of the law and two hired hit men who are hot on their trail. Unfortunately, their trip seems destined to end in tragedy.

Kristen will be playing a character named Jamie, and James will be playing Ricky.

Check out ClevverTV’s exciting announcement:

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5 thoughts on “Kristen Stewart in Talks to Join James Franco in Seasons of Dust

  1. The theme seems very exciting, something a little like Bonnie and Clyde on an other level. I hope it’s true.

  2. I’m not a huge James Franko fan, but he is a good actor and the plot sounds interesting, but I hope the ending isn’t to tragic and sad.

  3. Sounds like Thelma and Louise. An attack on a woman, with the rapist left for dead? A road trip ending in tragedy. Same old, same old.

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