Pre-Order the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn 2014 Calendar


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Although the Twilight Saga is officially over, the merchandise surrounding the films is definitely not! A 2014 Twilight Saga Calendar is now available to pre-order, which contains images and stills from all five films. Twilight doesn’t have to be over .. you’ve got all of 2014 to look at and admire the characters some more 😉

Click here to pre-order your 2014 calendar from (only $13.95!)

Source: Amazon

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One thought on “Pre-Order the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn 2014 Calendar

  1. I’m so excited for this! I knew we’d get more stuff!!! LOL And, we also know at some point the special 5-movie set with the extras we haven’t gotten yet will show up around Christmas or maybe in Nov. I love this calendar-it looks awesome!

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