Robsten Fans ‘Peace-Out’ on the MTV Movie Awards


Today, we unite against MTV and the MTV Movie Awards. Since 2008, Twilight has been the only attraction of the MMAs. With over 15 wins and the historic Best Kiss consecutive sweep, this year’s MMA snub to us Twilight fans has us all enraged.

What are we going to do tonight during the MMAs you ask? Well, we will be watching what should’ve been recognized … Breaking Dawn Part 2. Unfortunately, timezones separate most of us, but if we can at least ensure that everyone is watching BD2 when the MMAs air in your part of the world, then we will be taking a stand against MTV.

Use the hashtag #BreakingDawnPart2Night tonight while you are watching Breaking Dawn Part 2 instead of the MTV Movie Awards!

The MTV Movie Awards air 9 PM EST | 8 PM CST.

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7 thoughts on “Robsten Fans ‘Peace-Out’ on the MTV Movie Awards

  1. Thanks for spreading the word! mtv is dead to me. I actually cried over them not letting the fans pick the nominees-I was so looking forward to this as our way of saying THANK YOU to the whole cast and seeing as much of the cast as possible there to accept the Best Movie Award, one last time. Well, that’s what I thought I was going to see. So, yes, I will be joining the boycott and watching Breaking Dawn Part 2 tonight at 9 pm!

  2. Oh and I forgot! Since the nominations came out I dont like or comment anything Mtv posts on facebook. I know it doesnt make any difference, but Im just so mad at them!

  3. Well iam from Asean and iam not gonna wacthing those MTV’s SUCK AWARDS but i vote for Kristen #votesnowwhite!!! I will support Kristen for what awards she got nominated…EVEN FOR MTV SUCK AWARD

  4. I support your ban of the awards show. Not showing here in Oz but I fully support your protest. Well Done!

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