SIGHTING: Rob & Kristen Support Marcus Foster at ‘Old Gold’ Gig – Apr 17


One of our fave followers, @debbiedebm, offered to be our eyes and ears at Marcus Foster’s ‘Old Gold’ gig tonight. Our intuition was telling us that Rob & Kristen would show up … and man, were we right! Rob was apparently hanging out in the VIP area wearing his infamous grey hoodie. Kristen was a bit harder to spot because she was hidden behind a wall of people (presumably her trusty friends). Believe it or not, Rob and Kristen casually entered the gig through the front! Finally they get the peace they so desperately deserve after weeks of being hounded by the paparazzi.

Well, that didn’t last too long … after the band finished playing, exiting the venue was a different story. From what we heard, Kristen left first with her group of friends and were chased by a couple of papz. :/ Rob left a bit later.


Source: Instagram / debbiehutch

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6 thoughts on “SIGHTING: Rob & Kristen Support Marcus Foster at ‘Old Gold’ Gig – Apr 17

      • Please correct me if I’m wrong but I think she means that if fans could just wait until Rob and Kristen are not in the vicinity anymore before posting pictures/tweeting about them in public, then there won’t be as much paparazzi (or none at all) who corner/harass them just for money shots.

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