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  1. Higher by SexyLexiCullen
    Summer of 1994: Dial-up internet. Pagers. Walkmans. AOL chat rooms. O.J in a white Bronco. And blazingly hot weather in Brooklyn where eighteen-year-old Bella Swan is filling her days making ice cream sundaes before she starts college. But one long night – full of Ecstasy, subway rides, dark dance clubs, and a boy she doesn't want to stay away from – may change everything.
  2. Brazilian Chocolatecan someone write my essay for me

ng> by AwesomeSauce76
In 1994, he was an arrogant college student & she was dating his little brother. He was always haunted by the memory of her until fate brought them together again 16 yrs later. What happens when a forbidden attraction is no longer forbidden? EPOV, AU/AH

  • Walk by mustlovertp
    After a betrayal leaves Edward reeling, he decides to change the course of his life. Starting over can be a daunting task. Will he let a certain young, brown eyed beauty help him find what he's looking for? AH canon pairings Rated M for adult content Olderward/Doctorward *Banner made by Falling Stars*
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