First Promo Poster for <em>Maps to the Stars</em> + Synopsis

UPDATE: New Synopsis


The Weiss family is the archetypical Hollywood dynasty: father Sanford is an analyst and coach, who has made a fortune with his self-help manuals; mother Cristina mostly looks after the career of their son Benje, 13, a child star. One of Sanford's clients, Havana, is an actress who dreams of shooting a remake of the movie that made her mother, Clarice, a star in the 60s. Clarice is dead now and visions of her come to haunt Havana at night…Adding to the toxic mix, benje has just come off a rehab program he joined when he was 9 and his sister, Agatha, has recently been released from sanatorium where she was treated for criminal pyromania.

Note: It says shooting is to begin July 2013! Looks like Rob will film this before he starts work on Mission: Blacklist!



Translation: #Cannes2013: First 'Map to the Stars' visual. The new #Cronenberg with Robert Pattinson and Mia Wasikowska


Led by the loathsome yet funny and touching child-star Benjie, we witness the convoluted world of shallow, selfish celebrities and their minions, all of whom are about to be manipulated and destroyed by the young woman who literally represents the fruit of their twisted machinations, Agatha, Benjie’s tormented, apparently psychotic sister. As much as it is a sharp, comic look at a vacant and corrupt world, MAPS TO THE STARS is also a haunting ghost story.

Via: RPLife | Twitter / LeRPattzClub / RobPattMoms
Source: Twitter / ChristophGreuet | eOneFilms

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One thought on “First Promo Poster for <em>Maps to the Stars</em> + Synopsis

  1. Thanks so much for the info. That wasn’t what I thought it was about at all. I thought it
    was about the insanity created by the paps and people literally passing out maps to the stars’ homes. But, regardless, the actual plot sounds fantastic and very different! I’m excited about this one!

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