Happy Robsten Cannes 2012 Anniversary!

Can you believe it’s been a year since Rob and Kristen attended Cannes for On The Road and Cosmopolis? It’s been a year since that adorable KISSING/CUDDLING video of Robsten at the OTR After Party was released! Man, time sure does fly by! I thought it would boost morale during this difficult time by taking a trip down memory lane and sharing with you my favorite pics of Rob and Kristen from the On The Road Cannes premiere and after party, and on the 25th, I’ll share with you my favorite pics/moments from the Cosmopolis premiere and after party.

Red Carpet/Premiere




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6 thoughts on “Happy Robsten Cannes 2012 Anniversary!

  1. Thank you for sharing. I think R/K is fine. In my opinion the recent rumor is made up by the media for whatever purpose.

  2. The first time they really supported one another out in public. They both looked soooo happy. Hard to believe 1 mistake could have ruined it all. I blame the media for never letting it go and giving them the chance to work it out.

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