MASTER POST: Kristen at the 2013 MET Gala – May 6

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HQs, MQs, Fan Pics, Videos of Kristen attending the MET Gala after the break …

Red Carpet




Screencaps (with Stella McCartney)


Check out Melissa’s videos of Kristen arriving & posing on the MET Gala red carpet here!

Vine Video (Kristen talking to Sienna Miller behind Katy Perry)

Inside the Gala


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HQ Source: Kstewartfans
MQ Sources: Twitter| mfoc / cella_es
Fanpic Sources: Twitter| MissLaura317 / StellaMcCartney / Vogue Magazine / epnebelle / yahooomg / SashaRK27 / rkrules_ / KStewsHBG / MaisonValentino / hairbyadir
Video Sources: Twitter | veronicaspuffy /  epnebelle / bellaskristen / kstewsbutt / kstewartfans

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7 thoughts on “MASTER POST: Kristen at the 2013 MET Gala – May 6

  1. The top looks amazing, the hair the make up are kick-ass hot…I’m not digging the bulgy hips though :/ Always a pleasure seeing her anyway.

  2. love the hair and makeup…really super…outfit??….heart and attitude..well,,,,robs not there…and it shows…sorry..had to say…

  3. Sorry had to comment again. Cannot believe! they got her to carry a clutch. She’s such a fierce bitch when in NY. I Miss Rob though 🙁

  4. I wish people would stop judging Rob for not being on the RC…there’s no reason for Rob to be there…he’s not representing a designer…yet! Tom and Sienna are representing Burberry and Eddie Redmayne is with Dior. Rob will likely show up at an after party with Kristen – geez, give him a break.

    • We Robsteners will ALWAYS wish to see them together again on the red carpet. They ARE a couple(even if they don’t wanna talk about it) ,it’s not impossible. 😛 …and we’re not judging, just wishing and hoping and praying.

  5. they were together after! i was at the gala! after both rob and kristen went to dinner with dakota fanning, tom sturridge and sienna miller <3

  6. They will walk another carpet together-when THEY are ready. Not before and not because we WANT them to. Kristen looked fierce and I loved the outfit! The whole thing-the shoes, the pantsuit, the hair and makeup, all perfect for the theme of the Gala!

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