Michael Shannon Mentions Meeting Kristen on First Day of Filming The Runaways


Michael Shannon played Kim Fowley in The Runaways alongside Kristen and mentions how she set up a meeting with him and original The Runaways manager Kim Fowley.

For The Runaways was it beneficial Kim is still around? 

Yeah. The first day of shooting that I was involved with, Kristen Stewart said, “If you want to sit down with Kim Fowley then I can arrange it.” I said, “That would be great.” So Kristen and Joan Jett and myself and Kim Fowley met at a Denny’s in The Valley. We had dinner together. And Kim brought his albums…not his vinyl albums, but his photo albums and his newspaper clippings and all this stuff and he told, basically, his life story to me from the time he was a child to where he was at sitting across from me at that table. Yeah, it was incredible. It’s kind of a blur. I can’t say I remember a lot about it. He was talking very fast. I know he was sick as a child. But his parents were all right.

Via: KStewartfans | Twitter / cupidscloud
Source: Film School Rejects

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