SIGHTING: Kristen Attends Orphans in NYC – May 7

Just as Rob did a week ago, Kristen supported her friend Tom Sturridge by attending his Broadway show Orphans Tuesday night in New York City. Tom is nominated for a Tony award for Best Actor.

@yesac9: Just saw Orphans and it was AMAZE, also spotted Kristen Stewart in the audience #nyc#broadway

Source: Twitter / yesac9 | YouTube / ksyha1212

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2 thoughts on “SIGHTING: Kristen Attends Orphans in NYC – May 7

  1. golly kris..had great seats…with matilda….happy that she and friends are enjoying nyc…cant wait to see what they do for Robs birthday….fandom is very happy!!

  2. IMHO…While I am delighted that Kristen could support her friend, Tom, by going to his Broadway show, I think it’s disheartening that fans treat her like a zoo animal–filming her without her knowledge simply to prove that they saw her. We believe you; just twitter without the intrusive and creepy filming. Maybe the fandom could honor and show respect for this young woman by NOT posting intrusive pictures or video and let her live the life that she desires. No offense intended…just something to think about.

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