PHOTO: Rob Attends Tom Sturridge’s Broadway Show, Orphans – May 1


UPDATE: Added a fanpic of Rob at the play!

‘Orphans’ yesterday w/ Rizwan, featuring Alec Baldwin in the show and Robert Pattinson in the audience LOL

According to @isisgypsy, Rob attended the Wednesday evening show of Orphans to support his friend, Tom Sturridge, who has a starring role.

Seeing Orphans for FREE because BC Theater Dept hooked it up!!! And Robert Pattinson is here. Yes. #theatre #nyc

Yes, I saw Robert Pattinson & he is gorgeous in person. No, I didn’t go up to him like a freak fan. He was just a nice addition to the show.

Orphans was beautiful, hilarious, & heart breaking. So damn good. Alec Baldwin, Ben Foster, & Tom Sturridge =incredible cast. #theatre #nyc

Photo Via: RPLife | Tumblr / Rendezvous
Source: Twitter / isisgypsy

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