Kristen Makes Forbes’ “Celeb 100: Power Actresses” List

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#4: Kristen Stewart

With the Twilight money still rolling in (for now), Stewart makes her fourth appearance on the Celebrity 100 list after topping our list of Hollywood’s Highest-Paid Actresses last year. This is likely to be Stewart’s last Celebrity 100 list for a while though. While she helped make Snow White and the Huntsman a hit, a sequel is still a ways off and the actress doesn’t seem terribly interested in doing more big-budget movies.

Source: Forbes

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2 thoughts on “Kristen Makes Forbes’ “Celeb 100: Power Actresses” List

  1. Bravo, Kristen! Young, beautiful and an independent thinker, not molded by anyone. That kind of “take no bs” attitude other Hollywood haters may criticize, but that just makes her even more worthy of continued success. PS: She doesn’t owe anyone a peek in to her private life, so lay off and love her for being a great actor, the rest is non of (y)our business people!

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