Kristen’s Sils Maria Synopsis + Shooting Details

Announced last week, Kristen will be starring alongside Chloë Moretz and Juliette Binoche in Oliver Assayas’ new project, Sils Maria. Kristen will be playing the role of Valentine, Maria Ender’s (Binoche) assistant. Filming is scheduled to take place this summer in Switzerland. Looks like we’ll be getting some great SwissStew set pics 😉


“Shooting begins this summer in Switzerland. The next Olivier Assayas film presents an exciting cosmopolitan distribution that includes Juliette Binoche in the role of a famous actress, Kristen Stewart is one of her assistants and Chloë Moretz is the young Hollywood actress.”

Location: Germany and Switzerland – Allemagne (Leipiz et Berlin) – Suisse (Sils Maria)

Runtime: 1 hour 50 minutes

Character: Valentine / Kristen Stewart – 25 years, Maria Enders assistant. A little more than a worker: her friend, her confidante. Both near and far. Also like Maria, she is very lonely.

Synopois: At 18, Maria Enders got acquainted with success because of her play MalojaSnake, where she played Sigrid, a young ambitious girl whose troubling charm got an older woman – Helena – fascinated and drove her to suicide.

It was the role that changed her life.

More than 20 years later, at the peak of her fame, she was offered to receive a prestigious award in Zurich on behalf of Wihelm Melchior, the screenwriter and director of the play to whom she owe such an early fame. Seeing as Wihelm now lives secluded in Sils Maria, Switzerland.

But at the sudden death of Wihelm, a few hours before the ceremony, Maria Enders is put face to face with the fast paced of time and her past that she refuses to leave behind.

Not to mention, a young director offers her to remake MalojaSnake but to play Helena this time – to focus on the subject of the destruction that helped build her celebrity.

Trapped in the turmoil of her divorce that strips her from any emotional anchoring, the only person she speaks to is her assistant, Valentine, both a handywoman and her only friend. Even though both women try to erase all the ambiguities that make up their exclusive and intimate relationship.

The real threat is named Jo-Ann Ellis, a very young Hollywood actress with a scandalous reputation, who will take over the role of Sigrid. She will be both, her rival and the troubling mirror of her youth who she will have no choice but to face.

To reconcile with time, age and maturity, she will end up learning that at every turn of life, freedom, independence but also that the strength of one’s self have to be won, even if it’s painful.

You can download the French Press Kit here.

Via: Gossip_Dance
Source: Cab Productions | Pallas Film

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  1. This does sound really fascinating! Hope it gets a wide release when the time comes.
    Very excited about all of Kristen’s new projects! And Rob’s too! Sorry they will have to be apart while filming but since some of their films will film some in LA, they’ll be together some.

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