New FanPics of Kristen at the Reno Airport – May 31

UPDATE: Added another new FanPic of Kristen at the Reno airport



Via: Kstewartfans
Source: Instagram / kay_laa15 / arlyyyyyyy_

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8 thoughts on “New FanPics of Kristen at the Reno Airport – May 31

  1. When she smiles, I am happy 🙂 Such a fan of her work and of the girl that is Kristen J. Stewart. Smart, beautiful and such a big heart, God bless.

  2. These pics prove what a sweetheart Kristen really is. The two fans are going to cherish the day forever, and we get to see her adorable smile. Gotta love the girl, she knows where her priorities lie, at least in terms of her followers!

  3. I’m glad she seems ok and it was so nice of her to take the time with those fans at the wedding. And, yes, it looks like the ring is still there.

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