New Fan Picture of Kristen – June 8


Omgaaaaaaaag my #Mommma met #KristenStewart Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dhdbsjs djsksisbshdbdudiwbwisodbdud #sheslucky im happy ^.^.^.^.^

Via: Kstewartfans | Twitter / team_kbitch
Source: Instagram / gaaaaby12

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8 thoughts on “New Fan Picture of Kristen – June 8

  1. I SO love Kristen for this: never poses with the sneakerazzi, but ALWAYS for her fans. What a girl!.

  2. Its good to see photos of Kristen smiling and returning to work after devoting time to their relationship. She gave him space to work in Australia too. Its a real puzzle how he could turn away from her so fast. Its as if he started an argument with her to make her the “bad guy” so he can leave. I can’t imagine how she must have felt after planning his birthday party with the thoughtful gift and all, then have this sudden break on that day.

  3. Vee, no one really knows what happened except Kristen and Rob and maybe some of their close friends and family, but the one thing we do know is they both seem to be ok. I don’t listen to what the tabloids say, they just spin and manipulate their stories and as Rob said in the past, a lot of it, they just make up.

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