SIGHTING: FanPics + Tweets of Kristen in Amarillo, TX – June 15


Update: Another FanPic of Kristen at Hooters


Screen Shot 2013-06-15 at 8.48.10 PM

yeah that’s just Kristen Stewart taking a picture with my little sister at hooters,NBD…#hootersamarillo #kristenstewart





@IdeologicArtist: Kristen stewart is here in amarillo sitting 10 feet away. Too bad im not a twilight fan….

@MobileFerrell: We just ran into Kristen Stewart in Santa Fe…too bad were not Twilight fans…

@HGuitarK: Kristen Stewart is in AMARILLO at Hooters. She is either drunk or high! She came to see Cadillac Ranch. Wtf.

Via: Twitter / Had2byou
Source: Instagram / shelbee_aldape / ayeelondra | Twitter / IdeologicArtist / mobileferrell / HGuitarK

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3 thoughts on “SIGHTING: FanPics + Tweets of Kristen in Amarillo, TX – June 15

  1. Isn’t it interesting how many of these people say they aren’t Twilight/Rob and Kristen fans; yet, they are so quick to tweet that they saw her. I call BS on this folks! If I saw a celebrity I didn’t care for, I wouldn’t say anything. I also wouldn’t make rude comments because I was taught polite manners by my parents, so I don’t find it appropriate to say rude things about people online or otherwise. It’s one thing to say it in the privacy of your home, with friends, etc., but out in public…that just makes these people rude and obnoxious and little wanna-be celebrities (getting their 15 minutes).
    I do love that Kristen is always so willing to take photos with her fans!

    • Well said. Kristen Stewart in my opinion is real. I will forever be her fan. You know that line in that song from New Moon? She can do no wrong in my eyes.

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