New FanPic of Kristen in Memphis, TN – June 16


At #bluescitycafe last night! #bella #twilight #kristinstewart @jasonralph

Source: Instagram / gooser67

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4 thoughts on “New FanPic of Kristen in Memphis, TN – June 16

  1. Kristen looks sad. She is probably missing Rob. I wish you the best. You are beautiful, great actress, wonderful personality. Your fan forever. Rob is insane for letting you go. Hope he will realize it soon.

  2. Always so nice to her fans. I am dying to see her next movie. Such a fan. I must confess, while her chemistry with Rob is undeniable, I am praying, finger crossing, dying, for her to do another movie with Jessie Eisenberg. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rewind their scenes in Adventure Land. I took a road trip with my sister once (like a hundred years ago), best alone time with my sister ever. Here is to hoping Kristen enjoys her trip. Life is good; she is smiling and looking so great.

  3. Road trip! Hope she’s having fun! It’s nice of Kristen to let fans have pics. According to
    e online and I got this from Twitter-so don’t know if it’s true or not-a friend of hers or 2 of them, are moving to New Orleans and Kristen is along for the ride.

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