New Pic of Kristen Hanging w/ Friends – June 7


Via: Twitter / RKUniverse

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5 thoughts on “New Pic of Kristen Hanging w/ Friends – June 7

  1. Are you lost? Go back to your lair that is Robsessed.. It is where people hail Rob and trash Kristen,not here. Lol again with the PR. I bet you’re one of those people who always say that their relationship is PR and then when it was reported that Kristen and Rob “broke up”, you say that you’re happy that they are finally not together. It’s like eating your own words. How does it taste?

    Ps- like you know that it is Rob that “broke things up” not the other way around or that it was mutual.. Never mind, nobody knows the exact truth (do you?? Hmmm??) and I dont expect to change such a narrow-minded individual like you.

  2. Oh wow.. Maybe i should stop hanging out with my friends like this huh? Since i’m not a kid anymore. Be all prim and proper? Lol instead of lying down on the floor with her friends, maybe they should have sat on a luxurious sofa with their legs crossed, back straight, with wine glasses in their hands.. Thanks for the laugh.

  3. Maybe it’s not her doing the leaking. Maybe her friends are being normal and posting pics on twitter just like normal people do. Luv u Kristen<3. You'll be fine without rob. You deserve better:)

  4. This what life is all about. Being with your friends and family. I am so happy for her and her friends. It is an adorable photo. Now, you guys make sure she prepares for her upcoming movies, and support her.

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