3 thoughts on “SIGHTING: Kristen in Santa Fe, NM – June 15

  1. You will have to be very secure, confident, and comfortable in your own skin in this world that is Hollywood to dress so easy and look like you ought to be on a cover of a magazine. All this crazy hate and anger over Kristen J. Stewart. I get it. They are jealous, envious, and so darn threatened by this young woman. Well, this is how God made her; simply beautiful. Kristen, I will follow your work forever and I will always be intrigued by the woman you are. You are simply amazing in every way possible. May God guide and walk with you always.

    • Yes, Nicely said. Kristen is an amazing woman. Great actress! Great personality! Very beautiful young woman. I wish her the best.

  2. I love the way she dresses, except for the skinny jeans, I’ve been dressing that way for years LOL!! She looks pretty comfortable in her own skin to me 😉 Hope she’s doing okay!

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