SIGHTING: Kristen Returns Back to LA – June 2

According to @thebenbutton, Kristen was spotted this evening returning to Los Angeles after spending the weekend in Tahoe. Kristen attended her good friend and fellow co-star, Max Thieriot’s, wedding over the weekend. We posted fan pics of her arriving at the Reno airport on Friday and more fan pics of Kristen attending the wedding earlier this afternoon. Please disregard the mean, thoughtless comments at the end of his tweet …

@thebenbutton: Just saw Kristen Stewart walking through the LAX American Airlines commuter terminal, solid Lindsay Lohan impression #flightofshame

@malmal1504: Oh well hello Kristin Stewart. LAX Airport.

Source: Twitter/ thebenbutton / malmal1504

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6 thoughts on “SIGHTING: Kristen Returns Back to LA – June 2

  1. Really missing Rob. Rob where are you???? I miss seeing the most beautiful person in Robert Pattinson.

  2. That’s right Kristen your doing as I had said in one of my comments. Go out have fun met new people and enjoy yourself your young. You have plenty time for romance. But now is the time for you to have fun. So anything you can think of to have some fun do it girl. I’m 100% behind you.

  3. Love u kristen…one day rob will realize what he lost, you are a gorgeous and graceful young lady, very talented and you will be a sure shot oscar winner one day..I’m a big fan.

  4. All of you posting are assuming a lot aren’t you. Has there been any “official” announcement of a break up? NO. Do I expect one? NO. Have they ever made anything about their private lives public? NO. Will they? NO. So how do you know they have split? YOU DON’T. PERIOD.If you are dumb enough to believe in x17 or the rag mags and their gossip….go right ahead. Not me.I won’t jump on their bandwagon.I need to hear it from the horse’s mouth…not the jackass’ ass.

  5. FYI…I forgot to include in my comment that I adore Kristen and am also very happy to see her out and about doing normal things….with or without Rob. It matters not to me if they are together or not….all that matters to me is that Kristen is happy and it appears so!

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