SIGHTING: Rob Hosts Party for Nick Jareki – June 22

Rob hosted a Great Gatsby-like party last night to celebrate his filmmaker friend’s, Nick Jareki, birthday! Here are tweets from the party:

@VladRad: With hot @onditimoner at a partay for @nickjareki at Robbie Pattinson’s. It’s not just her films that rock.

@VladRad: A Great Gatsby night w @onditimoner good times!

@onditimoner: With two of my fave directors Warren Beatty & @njarecki = Superb. Talked #REDS (& it’s impact on my #MAPPLETHORPE.)

@ToddMikeSchultz: Rob also told me that his dogs get skunked on the regular… I’m eating this all up… sorry if i’m gushing.

@ToddMikeSchultz: Rob Pattinson really does drive an old Ford Pickup… wonder how much it costs to maintain that?

@ToddMikeSchultz: @E_L_James truly great meeting you. Infinitely lovely.

@ToddMikeSchultz: Kristen Stewart was not at the party as far as I know…

@ToddMikeSchultz: Rob Pattinson is a really cool guy. It’s good not to lose sight of basic kindness.

@ToddMikeSchultz: Going to rob pattinson’s house tonight as the 26 year old. Not a 26 year old, mind you. #the26yearold @RichJuz

@ToddMikeSchultz: We should make #NicksParty trend… it was that epic. At Rob’s house. GREAT PEOPLE. a lounge singer. Sia and Dianne Warren were there!

@ToddMikeSchultz: Okay… this is also true, he was wearing a backwards baseball cap. I hope I’m not giving away too much.

@ToddMikeSchultz: There were some fun hipster dance moments.

@RisaMargo: @Diane_Warren Okay. That was the greatest backyard in Los Angeles.

@Diane_Warren: @RisaMargo it’s Robert Pattinsons house so I think all that room bk there is for vampires…eeeeh?

Source: Twitter / onditimoner / VladRad / ToddMikeSchultz / RisaMargo / Diane_Warren

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One thought on “SIGHTING: Rob Hosts Party for Nick Jareki – June 22

  1. So they partied at Rob’s house, LF1. Rob slept at the love shack, LF2. That’s Kristen’s house..LOL!!!

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