Kristen Attends the Chanel Paris Fashion Week Show – July 2


Kristen jet-setted her way to Paris yesterday in order to attend the Chanel Couture show for Paris Fashion Week. We could not be more excited for her return to the city of love and high fashion. Kristen posed with Sils Maria director, Oliver Assayas, and her stylist, Tara Swennen. #ParisStew #FTW


@Grazia_Live: Kristen Stewart is thought to be on the front row this morning at @CHANEL #couture – live updates here:

@DerekBlasberg: Some more haute couture scoop: Expect a moody, broody front row at Chanel’s show in Paris. See you there, Kristen Stewart! 😉



Fan/Media Pics:








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5 thoughts on “Kristen Attends the Chanel Paris Fashion Week Show – July 2

  1. WOW-Kristen looks awesome-I love that outfit-she could be a model if this acting thing doesn’t
    work out. LOL Sils Maria sounds really good and I’m sure she’ll be great in it!
    Wonder if she’s going to any more shows besides Channel?

  2. Kristen looks awesome! She is in her own, rockin’ it! I am so happy to see her getting out and showing the world that she is fine! I’ve always been a Kristen & Rob fan, but Kristen has been so classy about all this mess and for some reason, I am having some tough-love feelings toward Rob as he seems so sneaky and low-down about his goings and comings here of late! Just a real gutsy feeling that he’s gonna get what’s coming to him and that there is a lot more to Rob and Kristen’s split that may have not been her doing! Know what she did in the past was wrong but for some reason Rob is really standing out as the person that he hasn’t put out there in the past. I’m kind of waiting to see what sleezey girl he will be seen out with too soon, when the truth about what we know at least comes around! I want them both to move on through their lives and find love again! Just can’t put my finger on it, but I’m just saying… Kristen is holding her own and getting back to work on what makes her happy! Wish Rob the best, but I have lost a bit of respect for him. If he left and everything was on the up and up then he should be acting like the “more mature” of the two! HHmmmm…

    • @mragle on….you read way too much tabloid bullshit. They are together. Like to-geth-er. If you think they are not then the snarky lame ass fabricating lying gossip rags have claim another fan…yep, that’s you. Don’t believe their crap. Just look at Kristen…..beautiful, happy and IN LOVE, with Rob. That is the only thing they have gotten correct….write it all over her car, she could care less though. She and Rob are sensationalized for one reason….$$$$$

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