Lily Collins Mentions Kristen in Glamour UK


With the Mortal Instruments being the next big franchise, the comparisons to the female-helmed Hunger Games and Twilight franchises are inevitable for Lily Collins. However, her likeness to these AMAZING women is unbelievable!

This isn’t the first time Lily has experienced intense press attention. “I had the experience with Kristen [Stewart] where there were paparazzi waiting outside a restaurant and we were followed afterwards, and I do think it’s such a crazy job to follow someone in order to get a picture. I get how much pictures are worth, but that is just so bizarre to me …”

When I ask about her relationship with Bower, and the ensuing media furore, she shrugs: “You have to take things as they come. I’d love to play Clary again and again because I love her, and if what happens with Mortal Instruments is anything like what Jennifer and Kristen have gone through, then I think that’s just a by-product of doing something that I love. I entered into this business knowing your private life can’t always remain private.”

Like Kristen and Jennifer, however, Lily has always refused to comment on that private life, whether it be a rumored relationship with Taylor Lautner, whom she met while filming Abduction, or her alleged fling with Zac Efron. “I don’t feel the need to profess anything publicly or confirm something that in a normal situation you wouldn’t have to speak out about. If I’m out and photographed with someone, then that is what it is. We took that chance and … whatever,” she tails off. “It is what it is.” Her discretion has nothing to do with media management and everything to do with her upbringing, she insists. …

Glamour UK – September 2013 issue

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