New FanPics of Rob on MTTS Set – Aug 19



Source: Instagram / z0ejackson / xxlabxx

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2 thoughts on “New FanPics of Rob on MTTS Set – Aug 19

  1. Hey, Melissa, I’ve followed StrictlyRobsten for some time now and thought you might like to know what a refreshing change it is to a fan like myself to find a site dedicated totally to Kristen and Rob and their respective careers, pap and gossip rag-free, and displaying photos that are solely approved and authorized by these two talented young people. It has become almost unbearable for me to see shots taken by the bottom feeders of the entertainment world (ie. paparazzi), knowing full well that every frown, or grimace, or other negative reaction from the subjects are generated by the sarcastic, snide, often filthy remarks spouted by these creepy stalkers.
    I come here often to learn what’s really going on in the lives of Kristen and Rob, because when all’s said and done I’m a fan of their work, not their personal lives. I recently read a debate on whether I should also disdain fan photographs because so many of Robsten’s followers might be considered stalkers too for the way some of them camp out in places where their idols are expected to appear. I don’t agree: Rob and Kristen are pretty nice people, dedicated to fans, and anything in which either one appears with a fan is condoned because our pair agree to allow it to happen.
    Keep up the great work, M — God bless.

    • Thank you so much! This means so much to me. I work really hard to make this a drama-free, paparazzi-free zone. Unfortunately, the big sites in this fandom still support the disgusting industry of those picture-taking rats, but at least I can sleep at night knowing that if Rob and/or Kristen were to happen across this website, they’d approve 😛

      xo Mel

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