New Florabotanica Ad Featuring Kristen (UHQ)


The ad can be found in the October issue of Instyle UK and Marie Claire UK.

Via: Twitter / Uchiland
Source: Twitter / British Vogue

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10 thoughts on “New Florabotanica Ad Featuring Kristen (UHQ)

  1. WOAWWW ! It’s an amazing picture of Kristen. She is stunningly beautiful.
    Balenciaga made a good choice with her.

  2. Her face looks beautiful, something looks odd on left hand side of her body though…maybe just the scan. Glad to see her though

  3. Wow! Love it! I like this ad much better than the one they did last year. This one makes her look older and sexier! I’m gonna get the mag. just for this alone. If I can find it.

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