New/Old FanPic of Kristen in Italy


It was great to have you here also, Kristen Stewart!

Source: Facebook / Granvara Relais & SPA Hotel

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One thought on “New/Old FanPic of Kristen in Italy

  1. Kristen is always so kind and friendly with her fans and true followers. I’ve taken to avoiding even so much as a peek at her and Rob in paparazzi photos, particularly so I don’t have to fret over what they go through when bombarded with unwanted camera, not to mention the often creepy and nasty comments they must endure at the same time. Others seem to feel they’ll take anything, just to get a new look at their idols, but I want to say pap pics don’t reveal who K/R really are so why would I want to see them.
    Thank goodness for Strictly Robsten, the only purely pap-free site I’ve found to date.
    Melissa you folks do a great job keeping us in touch with a pair we admire and respect. <3

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