Thanks to, a review of all the bonus content on the Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga DVD/Blu-Ray tells us exactly what we want to know before we make a decision to purchase the $74.99 small fortune.

Twilight FAN-omenon Featurette (1080p; 35:32) is an interesting look back at the sociological phenomenon the books and films created. There’s some great footage of the stars coming to terms with their sudden overwhelming celebrity, as well as lots of footage of screaming teenage girls. Contemporary news footage (hey, even Brian Williams reported about this, so it must have been news), cast interviews and even interviews with fans are included.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Character (1080p; 8:24) is kind of a random collection of behind the scenes moments, but it does include Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s first ever filmed promotional interview for Twilight, which is awkwardly amusing. News flash: Kristen Stewart can smile, and even laugh!

Cast Retrospective (1080i; 1:05:49) has a nice overview of the series, though my hunch is fans are going to feel fairly cheated as there is really no contemporary reminiscing by any of the principal cast (lots of archival footage is included), and in fact the most time is given over to producer Wyck Godfrey. But this charts the course of all five films rather well and includes a ton of behind the scenes footage which should delight the franchise’s many fans.

Twilight Forever: Edward’s Saga (1080p; 1:49:03) is a Reader’s Digest or Greatest Hits (bites?) tour through Edward’s storyline in all of the films, made up of scenes from the films.

Twilight Forever: Jacob’s Saga (1080p; 1:44:03) does exactly the same duty for Jacob, excising his big scenes and presenting them in chronological order.

There’s probably little doubt that completists won’t think twice about getting this set, and for those who are watching their pocketbook or pinching their pennies, the good news is at least this new package isn’t that expensive. It is very handsomely packaged in a photo album-like book which contains lots of heavy cardstock photos into which the discs are inserted. That said, the new bonus content is really not that earth shattering when you get right down to it, especially the two Saga features which are simply edits of big scenes of each of the protagonists. If you haven’t yet gotten any and/or all of the Twilight films on Blu-ray, this new set is a great bargain and comes Recommended.

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