Max Landis Talks About Casting Jesse Eisenberg & Kristen in American Ultra


He quickly burst onto the scene as a YouTube sensation with his accurate, low-budget and hilarious retelling of “The Death of Superman” and “Drunk Comic Book History: The Robins.” In 2012, he made his professional screenwriting debut with Chronicle. It introduced the talented 28-year-old screenwriter to the mainstream audience and cemented him as a writer on the rise in Hollywood. Now, Max Landis is ready to embark upon a new chapter in his life. In April, filming will begin on American Ultra. A film that Max Landis penned about Mike, an unmotivated stoner (Jesse Eisenberg) living in a small, sleepy town with his girlfriend (Kristen Stewart). When Mike’s past catches up to him, a government organization is hot on their tail with plans of wiping Mike out. Then there’s this new Frankenstein movie that he wrote starring James McAvoy (X-Men: Days of Future Past) as the doctor and Daniel Radcliffe (“Harry Potter”) as Igor. It’s being directed by Paul McGuigan (“Lucky Number Slevin”) and the story is told from the unique perspective of Victor Von Frankenstein’s assistant, Igor. If that wasn’t enough, Landis just wrapped filming on Me Him Her. The film marks his directorial debut. He describes it as “Reality Bites on acid.” The indie-comedy will tackle issues like: sex, love and friendship.

CBM: What do you think of the casting of Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart for American Ultra?

Max Landis: SO [frick]ING EXCITING. They’re perfect; both of them essentially play “a character and a half” in the movie in an interesting way, and they were actually both my first choices. I think both of them are associated with iconic roles, and that excites me for the same reason Heath Ledger’s casting in Dark Knight excited me. Not to compare my movie or my actors to that one, but it’s the same sort of “VERY different characters than you’re used to seeing these people in” situation.

Max Landis is the screenwriter for Kristen’s upcoming project with Jesse Eisenberg, American Ultra, set to film April 2014.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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