Thank you, 2013! Welcome 2014!



Man-o-man!  I can’t believe another year has gone by! They never told us that the older you get, the shorter your days, months, and years seem. A lot has happened me this year, perhaps the biggest being that I made the decision to move out to Los Angeles, chasing a dream that only being a part of the Twilight fandom introduced me to. I’ve been stressed out lately, trying to keep up with this site while juggling a full time job and two other websites (Strictly Fifty and Fanspired). I have asked for your feedback about what your reaction would be if I were to close SR (don’t worry, this isn’t a letter announcing that .. and I don’t think there will ever be one) and unanimously it was to never close it, but you were all supportive and told me that if the news were delayed an hour or two to a day or so, you’d forever still be here. I want to take the time now to thank you for your relentless, loyal support of me and Strictly Robsten. I stress myself out each and every day because I know I can’t deliver the website that I promised you. I can’t be online every hour of the day, posting about the latest new/old photo shoot pics or Rob and/or Kristen’s whereabouts (unless that news hits after 8pm PST). For those of you that know me, you know that I feel utterly embarrassed and destroyed by posting such news “late.”

This letter, is an open apology to you for my lack of being here, for you. Life has hit me hard, and I’m doing my best to stay afloat in the fandom, but man-o-man am I burying myself deep. What I ask of you is patience. I am currently in the process of hiring new admins to takeover the daily happenings of Strictly Robsten. I will still post when I can, but these people will become the new voice of SR. I will make an announcement of who these lovely ladies will be soon!

I used to do something special for New Year’s .. like last year’s 4-part timeline (2012 was a busy year!) .. but this year, I’m not sure if I have the time. Please know that Strictly Robsten is here for you. There’s nothing I love more in this world than sharing the latest Rob and Kristen news with fans like you. I love y’all!



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8 thoughts on “Thank you, 2013! Welcome 2014!

  1. That’s awesome that you took the plunge and moved to LA! I’m making the same move (from Alabama) in less than two months, and I’m a huge Robsten fan as well. I’m glad to hear that you’re keeping Strictly Robsten going! Happy 2014!

  2. Thanks TO YOU, MEL ! For the great job you have always done on this beautiful blog. Strictly Robsten is a reference regarding to Rob and Kristen’s work and life, without all the scary paparazzi system. If you struggle to keep up, it’s totally understandable, life is life. You exist outside blogs, but you are always “au top” anyway.Take care of yourself firstly. I wish you the very best all along 2014 and beyond. Happy New Year to you ! And even with delay on posting, long and beautiful life to SR, as well as our babies Robert and Kristen.

  3. Happy New Year, Strictly Robsten! Thank you so much for creating this website! I don’t comment usually, but I check it regularly! I hope you’ll find the right people to continue to post the news! Unfortunately I don’t have experience of blogging, but would do it with pleasure! I wish you all the best, and I hope you won’t shut down the site 🙂

  4. Well Mel, let me tell you a thing or two. SR was the first site I visited when my obsession (YES) with R and K started, I think I got here through Heather since I saw her interview with K I started following her on Twitter, then you, SR, and the site, oh and so much incredible people!!! I just can say it was AMAZING to live the craziness of this fandom thanks to all of you. Following the promos at such inconvenient hours but still feel excited to see/hear them. This year or so with you guys has been super fun, and I think it’s part of growing up, to get more responsabilities, I mean our R and K are doing it, they’re succesful, following them, I think we want the same for ourselves. So don’t worry, if something, R and K (and Twilight) fandom is loyal, I’ve learn that much, and I love it, and we’re here, I AM here no matter what. And, well, thank you Mel, for your dedication, and I wish all best things in the world, always looking up!!! For you, the other girls on the site and your families as well, a big hug y the best for this new year.

    Much love from México, I REALLY wish I could meet you someday and live in LA? YES PLEASE!!!

    =* Aida.

  5. ok mel i got the message dont worry walk dont run ok, now i visit the site since 2011 and im still here so thank you so much for the time and work for this space thank you, hope the best for you as well to the staff of strictly robsten , and yes keep the calm you are so young and full of energy and time, i wish you the best now that you live in los angeles , we are here waithing for you no matter the time ok

  6. Thank you so much Mel!!! Your site is perfect!!!! I love it!!! I’m so glad that you didn’t close it because I am informed about robsten by your site!!! I trust you a lot!!! Don’t worry if you don’t post the news immediately… I don’t think that someone has a problem with that!!! I really appreciate everything that you do to please us!!! You are such an amazing person!!! I wish you to have a Happy New and Creative Year and I hope we have much more robsten news this year!!!

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