Camp X-Ray: Peter Sattler says what the film is REALLY about in new Indiewire article

In this new article from Indiewire, Camp X-Ray director Peter Sattler talks in-depth about the movie’s message and the challenges faced by the cast and crew during filming. Everything we read about this movie just gets us more and more excited! Check out the full article here.

Peter Sattler

What it’s really about: “It’s about a really shitty job. It’s about being surrounded by  co-workers you don’t like. It’s about being interested in someone you’re not supposed to be. It’s about the grunts  having to clean up the mess that was created in the wake of 9/11. It’s  about bureaucracy. It’s about a quarterlife crisis. It’s about hope, or  the lack thereof. It’s about loneliness. It’s about the mundane minutiae of everyday life, just shaped and warped through the surreal lens of  Guantanamo Bay.”

Article and Photo Source: Indiewire


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