New image of Kristen in Camp X-Ray from Twitter

Michael Perricone, a sound mixer for Camp X-Ray, shared a photo on Twitter today of himself, Peter Sattler, and Will Files in front of a (blurry) image of the film where we get a glimpse at the back of Kristen’s head. Hey, some days our fandom lives for blurry pics, right? Who’s excited for Sundance?!

His Tweet reads: “Last day of the mix on Camp X-Ray with Peter, Will Files, and me. Next stop #Sundance! #campxraymovie #KristenStewart”

camp x-ray

Source: Twitter / @lotuspost

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One thought on “New image of Kristen in Camp X-Ray from Twitter

  1. Beside myself with excitement over this film at Sundance so will devour every/any promo photos, blurred or whatever.
    Nice to meet you, Kelsey!

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