Synopsis of Still Alice, Kristen Officially Confirmed

tumblr_kzl5u57s5p1qa7blho1_500There have been rumors of Kristen starring alongside Julianne Moore in Still Alice, a film about a woman suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Well, now those rumors can be confirmed! According to Screen Daily, Kristen will play Lydia, Julianne Moore’s younger daughter.

Kristen Stewart, Alec Baldwin and Kate Bosworth are now confirmed alongside Julianne Moore in Memento Films International’s hot selling drama Still Alice.

The project was one of the most in-demand at the American Film Market (AFM), with Memento locking pre-sales at the market and since with Curzon for the UK, Splendid’s Polyband for Germany, Icon Film for Australia, Frenetic for Switzerland, Svensk for Scandinavia, Baltics and Iceland, Sun Distribution for Latin America, Falcon Film for Middle East, Bir for Turkey, Golden Scene for Hong Kong, GreenNarae for South Korea to and Catchplay to Taiwan.

Moore will play a renowned psychologist who discovers she’s suffering from an early onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Stewart will play Lydia, her youngest daughter, who bonds with her mother during her illness in a way that was impossible for them before.

Source: Screen Daily

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