Happy 3rd Anniversary to #StrictlyRobsten


Hey my loves!

I can’t believe today marks the third anniversary of my little Robsten blog, Strictly Robsten. I remember the day I came up with the idea to start it … I was just coming off of a trip from Vancouver where I “stalked” the Breaking Dawn set outside of the Orpheum Theater. It was a cold, drizzly, typical Pacific Northwest day. My best friend, Chelsea, and I were flooding each other’s Facebook pages with news about Rob, Kristen and Twilight. Our non-Twilight-loving friends were complaining and threatening to unfriend us, so Strictly Robsten was born. Little did I know, this little hobby would turn into what it is today. Man-o-man has this changed my life.

I want to use this time to update you on what’s going behind the scenes of Strictly Robsten. As some of you may know, my life has gotten overwhelmingly busy over the past few months. Since the last time I checked in with y’all, I made the ambitious move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment business. The road has had its obstacles, but finally I am proud to say that I’ve found a dream job and am loving every minute of it. Now, with that being said, I don’t have nearly as much time to devote to Strictly Robsten. Some administrative changes had to be made in order to keep the site running (I couldn’t do it all by myself), so I enlisted Kelsey and Nicole to help me. These girls are so sweet, so amazing, and so on top of it all. I can’t imagine my life without them! If you haven’t done so, follow them on twitter: Kelsey – kelsey23rk, and Nicole – shailenekristen.

Things here have quieted down a bit — Rob is working on an Indie project here and there, and Kristen is doing the same. I’d love to keep this place as a sanctuary for all of you Rob and Kristen lovers/admirers. I know I haven’t voiced this publicly, but I honestly don’t care either way what’s happening to these two in their personal lives. All what I can say is that I’m a fan of both of them and wish them only the best. I will forever buy tickets to go see their movies, attend red carpet premieres, and blog about what projects they are working on next.

And most importantly, THANK YOU for always being so loyal and supporting me and Strictly Robsten over these three years. We’ve been through so much, what’s another year?! I love, love, love, love, love you all. Hugs and kisses all around!

Hope to see you here next year!



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4 thoughts on “Happy 3rd Anniversary to #StrictlyRobsten

  1. Thanks, Mel! Happy anniversary! Thanks for all you’ve done for us Robsten lovers by keeping this site going. Please don’t stop. Congrats on the dream job, too!

  2. Happy 3rd Anniversary to Strickly Robsten and to you, Mel, Kelsy, and Nicole! Drop in daily to check our Rob and Kristen. Thank you for the happy place… Congratulations on your dream job.

  3. Thank u for create this great blog. I wish you post again fanfics. I became addicted to it since u started post it. Again thank u and hugs from Colombia.

  4. I love this site because Im not only Twilight fan or Robsten fan. I am fan of Rob and Kristen. So I really appreciate your updates on all of their projects and I think its amazing how this site is drama-free.
    I hope this site will stay with us for many more years 🙂
    Love you Mel, Kelsey and Nicole :-*

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