Kristen’s Interview w/ AP for Sils Maria [Cannes 2014]

What motivated Kristen to take on the role?

“I think the fear that motivated me here was working with Juliette. And with Olivier as well. It’s just such a different setting for an American actress. It’s a very European feeling film. It thinks a lot, it doesn’t package its ideas and deliver them to you. I think it takes its on ride and it’s really complex and what scared me was hitting it perfectly and striking this balance and this was an opportunity to really make the point hit home. I play an assistant to an actress, I comment on the sort of potential for the media to be and it’s very commonly incredibly superficial. It’s not ‘yeah, I’m being nice right now, but basically saying this is so silly and not in an interview, not to you right now, but in a film that really means something that it’s a different thing. So that was definitely satisfying to say some of those lines to her and not scary, just really satisfying.”

Why Olivier thought of Kristen for the part:

“I met her, it’s really via my producer Charles Gillibert, he produced ‘On the Road’ and so I met Kristen through him in a completely, I mean I was not thinking about this film, I had not written it so it’s. But I liked her very much. I thought that was something to her that was extraordinarily powerful and I thought that movies had not used half of it. So I thought that I saw someone who had done great things but had greater things to do.”

Kristen thoughts on working on location in the Alps:

“Actually I must say when we were in St. Moritz, Sils Maria, like that’s where we shot it, I did start to get a little bit of cabin fever. I kind of felt like Jack Nicholson in ‘The Shining’ for a minute there. It was like we were all living in this old stuffy hotel and it was just like and we were so obsessed with making this movie and every second of our lives was devoted to focussing on this movie that it becomes this isolated obsessive environment but it’s amazing, that’s what it should be. I’m into that. I really like intense bursts of like take these three months and think about nothing but this but it definitely got a little… I mean at a certain point I was like ‘OK, we need to all relax a little bit.'”

Chloe on how the internet has changed things for actors:

“I think it’s weird because like for me, what’s weird for me is every time I go to a meeting I get asked, ‘do you, are you on social media? And if you are how many followers do you have?’ and I find that really weird because instead of being asked like ‘oh what movies do you want to do? what do you want to approach?’ they kind of ask what is your internet social standing which I find really annoying. It’s become, as a young actor it’s become as a whole part of your career that if you don’t instagram your movies, that if you don’t tweet your movies and stuff like that, they’re not going to succeed kind of thing.”

Source: AP

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