New Rob Portrait & Interview with Le Parisien [Cannes 2014]

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Post-apocalyptic western, “The Rover”, thats screened out of competition,
takes place in the Australian outback. But the film caused a sensation at
Cannes, thanks to it’s Hollywoodian cast: Guy Pearce (“LA Confidential”)
and Robert Pattinson, star of “Twilight,” that play lawless men,
struggling to survive.

Yesterday we met with the former partner Kristen
Stewart, 28, also in Cannes for “Maps to the Stars,” by the Canadian
David Cronenberg.

We did not expect you in “The Rover” (Release
June 4), this violent road trip frim Australian director David

ROBERT PATTINSON: Me neither… I’ve been very lucky
since I finished the “Twilight Saga”. You can’t imagine how many
interesting scripts I get, like “The Rover.” I loved “Animal
, the last film by David Michôd. So when I was offered the character
of Rey, the young American severely wounded by soldiers abandoned in the desert,
which is faced with a bitter and withdrawn Australian farmer played by Guy
Pearce, I rushed into the adventure . This is a merciless

Was it difficult filming in the Australian

Formidable instead! We spent seven weeks in beautiful, wild,
remote from civilization areas. It was a nine-hour drive from Adelaide. Without
laptops, without tv etc… And without the paparazzi! It was another life, in
the depths of the desert. This inhuman atmosphere is felt throughout the movie,
this feeling of doom like in “Mad Max”.

You are also at Cannes
with “Maps to the Stars”

I think I would do all Cronenberg’s
films if he asked me. Two years after “Cosmopolis” where my character
lived permanently in his big limousi , it amused me that gave me the role of a
driver of the stars in Hollywood. This is a secondary role, but oh so
significant, alongside the great Julianne Moore.

For an actor of your
calibre, Hollywood, what does that mean?

A sort of bonfire of vanities. A
fierce hard place, full of money , where ego and jealousy are terribly
exacerbated. Where everyone wants to be famous at any cost. It’s very, very hard
to live there. Especially, if you do not have a serious professional environment
and real friends to keep you from all temptations. Me, I ‘m doing fine. I
managed to live my life and fame. Probably because I know the dangers and
pitfalls …

“Twilight” is well and truly over…
Ah yes! It is
well and truly over! I’m too old now to play the undead! There are so many
directors with whom I really want to work .

Corbet, a young director who will direct me in “The Childhood of a
” Harmony Korine (“Spring Breakers”) soon. And the French
Olivier Assayas for a gangster movie that I’ll film in the end of the year in
the United States. I also hope one day Quentin Tarantino…

From RPLife: “(Gangster movie? Looks like it really is “Hubris”, Assayas next project
announced last year – read more here)

Source: Le Parisien

Via: RPLife

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