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Website Update

Hey all,

I think it’s about time I officially come on here to tell you where I’ve been for the past few months. Real life has finally taken a toll on me, and I can’t devote the kind of time this website needs. Kelsey and Nicole have been doing an amazing job at keeping Strictly Robsten updated since I’ve been gone, and I am so thankful for that; however, they both have lives to attend to as well, and Robsten news seems to have become a back-burner for all of us.

My professional career has finally taken off. I am currently a Digital Manager at an agency that manages the social media accounts for big theatrical campaigns from Lionsgate, Warner Bros, Paramount, and more. Basically, I’m doing exactly what I was doing on here, just for other “fandoms.” Robsten will always be my first, favorite, and only fandom, so no need to worry that I’ve left. ;)

Please bare with us as we attempt to keep this website updated. I will try to pop in every now and then to help out or share with you guys something great I heard along the pipeline.

Hope this update finds you well. Love all of you!



Total Film is Hosting a Google Hangout w/ Rob & Guy on Aug 6th

Total Film is hosting a Google Hangout with the cast of The Rover … aka ROBERT PATTINSON and Guy Pearce! They are taking any and all questions! Submit them in the comments section here.

We’re rather excited to announce that we’ll be hosting a Google Hangout with the stars of sci-fi drama The Rover, Msrs Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce.

Directed by Animal Kingdom’s David Michod, The Rover is a gripping tale of two men forced together to survive in a dystopian Australian outback. Tense, terse and sparse, it’s a serious departure for Pattinson and acts as an acting tour de force for Pearce.

We’re hosting a live Google Hangout with them both Wednesday 6 August at 2pm (9am ET) for a 20 minute chat. We want YOUR questions to ask the cast. To be in with a chance of chatting to them direct, we need you to:

1. Follow the Total Film Google+ page (if you have a Gmail or YouTube account, you also have a Google+ account).

2. Say you’ll be watching on the Google Hangout itself.

3. Submit your question in the comments section of the Google Hangout – and then we’ll pick a lucky few on Monday 4 August.

The livestream will be in the video below:

The Rover is in UK cinemas 15 August 2014.

Source: Total Film