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HQs of Rob at The Rover Q&A – June 7 [SFF]

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  • @sydfilmfest: #InsidetheRover: Guy Pearce says he trusts David Michôd’s vision, and will say yes to working with him again; he plans to say no to others.
  • @TheIrisAU: David Michod “#RobertPattinson came closer to what I envisioned for the characters than anyone who auditioned’ #insidetherover
  • @sydfilmfest: #InsidetheRover: Michôd says Robert Pattinson naturally got the character of Rey just like he wanted it in the audition. #SydFilmFest
  • @sydfilmfest: #InsidetheRover: Pattinson’s audition was four hours long, Margaret asks him if it was torture, but he found it “satisfying.” #SydFilmFest
  • @TheIrisAU: “To see great actors bring it all to life us exhilerating” – David Michod #InsideTheRover #RobertPattinson #GuyPearce
  • @sydfilmfest: #InsidetheRover: Pattinson draws laughs when he says he was the last to see ANIMAL KINGDOM; Michôd said he was late to TWILIGHT. #VividIdeas
  • @sydfilmfest: #InsidetheRover: Pearce says he based his character on the idea that he’s an animal; he studied the way dogs behave. #VividIdeas
  • @TheIrisAU: “Everything Rob did was hilarious” – David Michod on #RobertPattinson #insidetherover #TheRoverSydney
  • @sydfilmfest: #InsidetheRover: Pattinson says you could hear a pin drop during the screening at Cannes; whereas the #SydFilmFest audience was more lively.
  • @sydfilmfest: #InsidetheRover: Michôd says they had fun on the set; he began to think he was making a highly commercial film. #sydfilmfest #vividideas
  • @sydfilmfest: #InsidetheRover: Michôd says #TheRover was the last 35mm film to be processed in Australia. #sydfilmfest #vividideas
  • @TheIrisAU: “Our weird remoteness made the experience really tough but wonderful’ David Michod #insidetherover #RobertPattinson #GuyPearce
  • @sydfilmfest: #InsidetheRover: Michôd and Pattinson agree the Flinders Range location with its heat, isolation and flies was a big challenge. #sydfilmfest
  • @TheIrisAU: Q: how did you build on chemistry? A: you really just build on the work. We knew each other well before filming #GuyPearce #RobertPattinson
  • @sydfilmfest: Pattinson: the heat was “insane.” The local residents all seemed dangerous, like wanted men, but they were “lovely.” #InsidetheRover
  • @TheIrisAU: Q: is it weird to put on an accent in films, Rob. A: it’s kind of funny, you should try it #RobertPattinson
  • @TheIrisAU: The world and landscape of the film really informed how #GuyPearce approached his performance and how to play his character.#insidetherover
  • @TheIrisAU: “Ultimately the most challenging thing, always, is to just be convincing ” – #GuyPearce #insidetherover #RobertPattinson
  • @TheIrisAU: ‘Working with directors who understand what ur doing is such a relief…most inportant thing is honesty on set” #GuyPearce #RobertPattinson
  • @Roaford: David said he first met Rob at Soho house and he had a can of coke and a coffee which he put 18 sugars into.
  • @Roaford: Rob’s friend told him after he saw the movie “it’s the first time he’s played himeself” lol #InsidetheRover #sydfilmfest
  • @Mel452: Bless Rob for outing a Maree resident who is wanted by the MI6. Brought huge laughs. #InsidetheRover #sydfilmfest
  • @Mel452: David said that R’s audition at his house in LA was for 4hrs, after meetin him at Soho long b4 TR was ever going to happen. #InsidetheRover
  • @Mel452: Rob met David last out of all the @bluetonguefilms team eg Nash, Joel and Spencer. He ‘really’ wants to part of BTF #InsidetheRover *hehe*
  • @Drawde_C: Someone asked how he would fare in a world like in The Rover. R said badly.
  • @Drawde_C: His favourite scene was the one before they go into the house towards the end. (Trying not to spoil)
  • @ksupporting: He was talking how the audience in Cannes it was so quiet during the movie whereas people from last night were laughing at Rey’s scenes
  • @Drawde_C: R said everyone looked like murderers because it was so hot and dry where they filmed.
  • @Drawde_C: When asked what’s harder, wordy films or films with little dialogue & more body language, R and GP both said it depends on the film itself.
  • @Drawde_C: About accents, R still finds doing English accents weird. It’s as if he’s still waiting for filming to start.
  • @Drawde_C: They kept getting large prickles stuck in their shoes during one of the scenes. GP said they were more like thorns. After each take they’d compare how many prickles they each got in their shoes.
  • @Drawde_C: When GP was talking about the power shift between dogs in a pack, he said, “anyone who has dogs will know this” R smiled and nodded.
  • @Drawde_C: Asked about his creative group of friends, he said he still has that in London but it’s a little looser now. That kind of bond was what drew him to Blue Tongue films.
  • @Drawde_C: What he loved about the script was the enormous backstory with no context, so he had free reign over the part.
  • @Drawde_C: It was cute when he was talking about the difference in audience reaction between SydFilmFest and Cannes. He got confused about what day it was and had to ask DM, “It was last night, right?”
  • @Drawde_C: After saying he wouldn’t fair well in a world like in TR, DM said he thinks R would be ok because he basically survived on white bread & BBQ sauce while filming.


The Daily Telegraph:

Pattinson who oozed his own brand of effortless cool, didn’t mention the T-word. Discussing The Rover, he said filming in the outback was”beautiful” but there was buzz of a different kind.

“The second you wake up, you have like 700 flies on your face and its so insanely hot,” he said, a laugh.

Daily Mail:

‘I also met this bar man who told me he was part of Anonymous and on the run from M16… and then there was the extra who claimed he assassinated (John F) Kennedy in 1967,’ he said.

Michod is part of Australian film collective Blue-Tongue Film which includes Joel Edgerton and his brother Nash, Kieran Darcy-Smith, Spencer Susser and Luke Doolan. Pattinson revealed that he ‘hunted down’ the members of the mini-Aussie movement because of a strong desire to work with them.

‘David was actually the last of the Blue-Tongue guys I had met,’ he said. ‘I was actively seeking to break into his group of friends.’

It seems to have paid off, with a ‘totally random’ meeting with Michod and a four hour audition landing him the role.

‘Nash (Edgerton) wanted me to meet with him and I hadn’t seen any of the Twilight films, so I had no idea who I was meeting,’ said Michod. ‘I really liked his physical demeanor and just the way he was… He had a can of coke in front of him and a cup of coffee which he added six sugars to.’

Pattinson’s performance is being hailed as ‘career redefining’ but the media-shy star has shrugged off the praise and pressure of audience opinions.

‘If I don’t like something, I don’t give a s**t about what the audience thinks anyway,’ he laughed. ‘A friend of mine watched the movie last night and was like “Wow, this is the first time you’ve played yourself”.’


Source: RPLife

David Michôd Mentions Rob w/ The Herald Sun [SFF]


“I hadn’t seen the Twilight movies but friends of mine had said he (Pattinson) was an interesting guy,” Michod said in Adelaide.

Pattinson, who gives a standout performance, hates auditioning but Michod used the process to explore the character of the wounded man who Eric (Guy Pearce) kidnaps in the movie.

“I put him through four hours of what he would call hell and I used three hours and 55 minutes to explore the character with him,” says ­Michod. “He has a really beguiling physical energy, clearly smart, and he was actively seeking out directors whose work he liked.”

Source: The Herald Sun

Rob’s Interview w/ ASOS for The Rover [SFF]


Hi Robert! Welcome to Sydney. Tell us, what piqued your interest in the film?
‘I thought the script was so sparse and direct. It even looked different on the page, like the formatting was different. There were no commas! I thought it was so original, and my agent told me it was an offer, and I was like “Really? I never get offered stuffed like this!” And then he was like… “Oh no, I sent you the wrong email, everyone’s auditioning for this.” [laughs].’

How would you describe your character, Rey?
‘He’s very… dependent. He’s been told by everyone around him that there’s something wrong with him, that he’s kind of deficient in some way, and it’s not really established whether he is or he isn’t.’

What were some of the challenges in bringing Rey to life?
‘Mainly the costume! It sounds ridiculous but that was the most important part. As soon as I got the right pair of jeans – we went through, like, a million pairs of jeans! – And once we found the right jeans for him to plod around him, and sneakers that were slightly too big, [it all came together].’

Can definitely relate to that feeling! How important is fashion and costume is to a movie? Is it something you really focused on?
‘It’s massive for me! It’s weird though; I had such a specific look in [The Rover] – down to the colours of the t-shirt. We did a few screen tests and [when you have the right clothes] you suddenly walk different.’

What was the hardest scene to shoot? There are so many graphic, confronting moments.
‘My hardest scene – and this is probably a bit of a giveaway – but I had to have a pipe up my leg, with three guys controlling my pump, and that was probably my biggest scene in the movie. I didn’t know how complicated it would be with the set up.’

What do you think makes Australian film unique?
‘For the last few years, it suddenly became such a unique genre. I don’t know what it is! There’s something about it being so isolated – I think it feels very foreign. I think there’s a confidence in the filmmaking that doesn’t exist elsewhere. In Australia, there’s kind of vitality to it. A grim vitality.’

Source: ASOS