Daniel Radcliffe Talks Injured Kristen & Meeting Her for the First Time


The franchises collided last night at the Oscars when Daniel Radcliffe (HARRY POTTER) and Kristen Stewart (TWILIGHT SAGA) presented the Best Production Design Oscar. Unfortunately for Kristen, she hobbled on stage due to a foot injury.

Kristen Stewart didn’t really need to limp onto the stage when she presented with Daniel Radcliffe last night at the Oscars.

“I felt so bad,” Radcliffe said at the Governors Ball. “I just wanted to pick her up, put her in my arms and carry her onto the stage.”

Or maybe not. “I probably would have dropped her and opened her wound again,” Radcliffe added with a laugh, referring to K.Stew’s reason for hobbling on crutches: cutting the bottom of her foot on glass!

Kidding aside, the Harry Potter star said it was about time he and Stewart met.

“I felt like this was a long time coming. I feel like we’ve been meant to meet,” Radcliffe said. “This was the perfect way. And you know what? She is so nice—really, really nice.”

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Kristen Sports Crutches at Academy Awards Because of Injury

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As we reported on Saturday, Kristen attended the Oscar Rehearsals with a right foot injury. Last Night, Kristen strutted her stuff on the Red Carpet and on stage presenting with Daniel Radcliffe with crutches in tow. PEOPLE talked to Kristen’s make-up team and got the scoop as to why she’s injured:

Kristen Stewart attended the 85th Annual Academy Awards on Sunday sporting quite the fashion statement – crutches.

The On the Road actress was forced to use them to help her make her way onto the red carpet after she stepped on glass.

The star’s makeup artist, Beau Nelson, tells PEOPLE she “cut the ball of her foot, quite severely, on glass two days ago.” But a true pro, Stewart, 22, managed to pose for photographs without any crutches, showing off her cream-colored Reem Acra gown. Nelson adds that Stewart is in “a little bit of pain” and it was a scramble to find suitable flats!

Us Weekly explains that Kristen invited her friends over to comfort her while getting ready for the Oscars, saying she was really nervous, especially now that she had to use crutches.

Indeed, Stewart’s glam squad told Us Weekly more about the young star’s injury. “She had sliced her foot and everyone was worrying about would she wear heels or flats or one heel, crutches or no crutches,” manicurist Ashlie Johnson told Us. “She tried so many options, she was really a trouper.”

“Kristen was nervous about her crutches so having her friends around playing music was just what she needed,” hairstylist Danilo said. “We all were trying to make her feel better and her friends were trying to tell her she’d be fine, she has insecurities about being in front of people so today was even tougher.”

Source: PEOPLE | UsWeekly (via Twitter / KStewAngel)

Anne Hathaway Gives Kristen a Word of Support Backstage at the Oscars


Anne Hathaway, holding her new Oscar, ran into Kristen Stewart, who was on crutches, backstage.

“Oh no!” Hathaway said.

“I know, I’m an idiot,” Stewart replied. “But congratulations!”

“Please tell me you’re going on stage with those,” Hathaway said, pointing to the crutches.

“Nope. I’m gonna hobble,” Stewart said.

“Well, break a leg,” Hathaway said. “Oops.”

Stewart didn’t say why she’s using crutches.

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Kristen Sighting at Oscars Rehearsal Today – Feb 23


Kristen was spotted at the Oscars Rehearsals today unfortunately injured. Be sure to check out our Oscars livestream post to get ready for the big day tomorrow! Can’t wait to see what she wears!

@APSandy: Star-studded day of rehearsals. Already saw and

Kristen Stewart arrived in jeans, sneakers and a backward ball cap. (She also limped on an injured right foot.)

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