Anthony Breznican Mentions Interviewing Kristen w/ EW

Anthony Breznican interviewed Kristen during Adventureland promo for USAToday. He talked to EW about how they analyzed the way growing up has changed over the years, how it isn’t so private anymore.

As a journalist, you’ve interviewed a lot of creative people. Is there anything an interview subject has said to you about the creative process that stuck with you while you were writing?
Strangely enough, I had a cool interview with Kristen Stewart a few years ago when she was in a movie called Adventureland. It’s one of my favorite coming-of-age films, set at an amusement park in the late 1980s, and Brutal Youth begins in 1991. She would have been a baby then, but we talked a lot about the differences between growing up these days, and the kind of self-surveillance that goes on, with every aspect of your life monitored or shared, and growing up back then, which is the last time kids could truly lead secret lives. We didn’t talk about my book, but that conversation made me realize I was writing about a bygone era. There’s something magical about that, like an animal that has gone extinct and now seems mythological.

Source: EW

Kristen is #182 on Total Film’s “200 Greatest Movie Performances of All Time”


#182 Kristen Stewart – Em Lewin, Adventureland (2009)

We can almost hear the booing from here, but despite the antipathy generated by her work on the Twilight series, Kristen Stewart is actually an extremely accomplished actress when given less wishy-washy material to work with.

Adventureland is the perfect example, with her take on the awkward teenager avoiding the twin perils of quirk and perk. Some would play “troubled” in a blaze of hysterics, but Stewart’s quiet sadness yields a far more effective result.

Greatest Moment:
Her puzzlement at her parents’ marital problems. “My mom loses her hair in chemo and my dad starts fucking a bald woman,” she muses. “It’s just weird.”

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Source: Total Film