Cosmopolis Behind The Scenes Video From David Cronenberg’s Virtual Exhibition

TIFF created a site David Cronenberg: Virtual Exhibition to explore Cronenberg’s career and work. It has videos, interviews, behind the scenes pictures, more. Check out the full site here.

Cosmopolis is part of the exhibition and has a behind the scene video from the movie.

Did you catch Rob’s cute smile after the “cut”? And how he gets into and comes out of character? It’s wonderful!

Much of Cosmopolis takes place in the back of Eric Packer’s (Robert Pattinson) limo, which has been cork lined—or “Prousted”—to block out the sounds of the external world. While the limo provides a very intimate setting for Eric and his occasional companions as they make their way through the streets of New York, more than 160 extras were employed as the mob of protestors running rampant outside of the car. This video takes a closer look at the sound design of this film, and the technical challenges of balancing the chaos of a crowd with the extreme quiet inside the limo.

Source: Cronenbergmuseum