BFD Friday

So in celebration of Kristen’s birthday this past Tuesday, I thought it was appropriate to look back on one of her most adorable moments on the set of New Moon – filming Bella’s birthday scene on her actual birthday!  Of course, Rob was there to celebrate with her as he filmed that day with her and they were playful and seemed really at ease here. He kisses her forehead and forgets his line and she laughs at him.  It’s fun to wonder at what stage they were in their friendship/relationship at this point!  Together? Almost together? Let me know in the comments your speculations!

BFD Friday


Because really, can we just fast forward to when they DO film another movie together?  Rob and Kristen are asked if they’d ever work together again (duh, obvious) and both describe how perfect the movie would have to be after filming five movies together. Count ‘em. One. Two. Three. Four. Five.  My mind was blown at the reality of that statement.  Just think of all the time they spent together not only on set, but off set building their friendship first, then relationship, then one day family…I digress.

What kind of movie would you like to see Rob and Kristen do? I don’t care what it is as long as they actually solidify that future project one day!

BFD Friday

This is a great behind-the-scenes video of Breaking Dawn Part 1 World Premiere in LA!  Rob and Kristen autograph a fan’s neck, Rob talks about how Kristen looked “incredible” and was “terrified” for the wedding scene (around 2:20), and Bill get flustered trying to describe Rob and Kristen’s relationship without outing them completely. He does it with grace, as always!

There are a lot of interviews and not a lot of screaming in the background, so enjoy your reminiscing! <3

BFD Friday


Who remembers buying the Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD at midnight last year and immediately rushing home to watch the special features? I know I did! I watched the hour long feature so intensely, I almost forgot it was 4 AM.

There are so many great moments from this portion of the “the birth” BTS feature.  I find it fascinating how the crew made this scene come alive from the book, especially with how difficult it was meant to be.  They kept it tasteful, yet still mastered the horror aspect. Watching a movie scene be directed, played out in real time, AND captured on film meant for BTS is incredible, don’t you agree?

Kristen’s grossed out reaction to her “legs” being splayed out is hilarious, but when she’s so deep into her character while screaming and moving around, it’s mind-blowing.  She can’t sit still because of all the energy she has from her character.

All the while, Rob’s getting fed cream cheese and jelly and eating plastic arms and holding a newborn baby. lol And then who can forget his “You’re gonna be alright” as Edward thinks Bella is dead? Rob nailed it!

What are YOUR favorite behind-the-scenes parts? And does this make you excited for the BTS from BDP2?

BFD Friday


Hello my fellow Rob & Kristen lovers! BFD Friday took a bit of a hiatus and now it’s back in action!

This being the first year we won’t have any Twilight saga news (welp), it doesn’t mean that we don’t have PLENTY of exciting times ahead for our couple (together and separate)!  I’ve highlighted Rob and Kristen’s moments from The Academy Awards since award season is definitely in the now and also in Rob and Kristen’s futures!

Rob’s appearance is from 2009 and with our buddy, Joshy Horowitz.  It’s so sad yet interesting to listen to them talk in a time before they even filmed New Moon! Rob definitely looks a lot younger, of course, but it’s funny how his NM era is so distinct with his scruffy face and longer hair. Though his appeal is still 1000% in tact, just saying.

Kristen can be found posing for photos at the same award show the following year.  Although this is not an interview, she is all smiles and is making goofy faces in between.  Her Monique Lhullier gown is one of my favorite fashion moments of hers because of the elegance and sophistication. I hope we find her in more full gowns such as this one this year!


BFD Friday

With the TCA’s giving us something to get excited about, I tried to find some videos from the last time Rob and Kristen attended the award show together, but it wasn’t easy! They weren’t seen together that much, and I believe part of the reason is because their relationship was just taking off! The playfulness is there though, with Kristen impersonating Rob in the Twilight cast interview! And then she joked that his hair grows like a chia pet – which I don’t doubt with his beard growing so quickly all the time!

It also reminded me that some things never change, even 2 years later – the British boyfriend can’t stop touching his hair and the American girlfriend will forever make fun of him for it.