BFD Friday

We’re all feeling a bit nostalgic over here after experiencing our last Twilight Saga Comic Con!  The New Moon Comic Con era was definitely interesting to see because we could tell there were some changes in Rob and Kristen’s relationship. Some say they were together by then (and I personally believe they were!), so you can appreciate the little glances, smirks, and akward media attention in this press conference video.  Kristen is in her bad ass Joan Jett attitude phase and Rob is his goofy self, but there’s a freshness to their relationship here and it’s clear as day. What a change from the year before and especially compared to yesterday’s Comic Con excitement! Now they’re so much more open about everything, but it’s fun to flashback to these old memories and wonder just what WAS going on between those two and what they were thinking. To be a fly on the wall during this part of the Robsten timeline…

BFD Friday: Comic Con 2011 Flashback

We are “vamping” up for Comic Con 2012 next week and are SUPER psyched that Rob, Kristen, and Mackenzie will be there, along with many other Twi-cast peeps! Let’s take a look back at the incredibly affectionate Robsten moments that CC 2011 brought us! As you can see, I couldn’t pick just one!

Rob and Kristen blatantly flirt on stage as we all stare at them with amazement and rape the replay button…(I especially love the 3:20 mark in the second video!)

Our favorite Kristen and Rob interview EVER where they continue to blatantly flirt with some occasional arm touches:

Rob teases Kristen about her ‘nerdy’ and ‘diva-ish’ cooking channel habits…only someone who lived with her and visited her in her trailer constantly would know that! ;)


BFD Friday

Sigh…I remember it like it was yesterday. This day was definitely a BFD moment. Rob, Kristen, and Taylor sunk their hands into cement at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in LA on November 4, 2011 and made history (and memories!) Cheesy, I know, but I can’t help it! That livestream was sent from heaven above when we witnessed such a proud moment in thier lives (and in the fandoms!) – tears everywhere! Not to mention there was ass touching, waist grabbing, and handholding. Need I say any more?

This fan video is in great quality and is taken from behind them, so my focus was on the little things that we didn’t get to see from the livestream videos, like MamaPatz and PapaStew snapping pictures like proud parents and Rob constantly touching Kristen’s lower back. <3

BFD Friday

Since our first look at Breaking Dawn Part 2, I have been super excited for the promos! Rob, Kristen and Taylor visited Ellen Degeneres on her show last November to promote Breaking Dawn Part 1, where Rob talked about babymaking and buttcracks, and Kristen showed off her grape-throwing skills!

I love when Rob talks about Kristen losing it in the love scene and she goes “No, I didn’t” and Rob looks at her and says “Yeah, you did!” Rob also claimed there was “too much crack” and Kristen gives this look like, ‘yeah, that’s true’ and she says it too!

BFD Friday

This adorable Moviefone interview with Rob and Kristen (and Taylor) features Kristen imitating Rob looking at himself in the mirror and Rob subtly admitting he probably wouldn’t be a fan of the Twilight films/books if he’d never been in the movies. ;) The best part is obviously Kristen knowing her man so well she can imitate exactly what his jaw does…I’m sure she studies it daily. ;) And when Kristen and Taylor both say they would love the Twilight books and then Rob flat out says “No”.

This makes me so excited for the Breaking Dawn Part 2 press junket!

BFD Friday – Countdown to MTV Movie Awards!

After another incredible Robsten year, MTV Movie Awards time is in just 2 days! This is usually the day that every Robsten fan looks forward to, and although the award show will be a bit different this Meet & Keep The Right Man ™ year, I still have faith that we can get Rob and Kristen to win Best Kiss!  So much of Robsten's history comes from the MTV Movie Awards, and even though Rob may not go this year, Kristen may surprise us!

This Robsten video, made by our very own Maryann (@maryann

-tattoo – Top Tattoo Offer !'>Chopper-tattoo – Top Tattoo Offer !

robsten) , highlights all of Rob and Kristen's years at the MTV Movie Awards from 2008-2011.  Not only that, but you can't help but get emotional connecting the song to their journey and their relationship. They've gone from “buddy” to “honey” and the touches have only gotten closer.

Help us make history by voting for Edward and Bella for 'Best Kiss' and prove EVERYONE wrong for the 4th year in a row! This year's show airs on Sunday June 3rd at 9PM EST!



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