BFD Friday

Happy happy Friday, everyone!

With the ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ press tour coming up next week, as well as Rob and Kristen headed to Cannes to promote ‘Cosmopolis’ and ‘On the Road’, I can only imagine how many press conferences we will see!  Here are two older ones where Rob and Kristen are apart while promoting Twilight (coincidentally both in Stockholm) and they talk about each other. <3

Kristen promoted ‘Eclipse’ with Taylor in 2010 above. “Do you miss Rob?” Kristen looks so sad answering the question for a split second and then jokes around saying, “It does sort of feel like he should be here. We go home crying every night to our hotel rooms. We just can’t talk about it right now.”

Whether or not she says, “I really miss Rob” or “I miss Rob” to Taylor at :58, is up to you. ;) What do you think?

Rob promoted ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1′ with Ashley Greene last November and he also kept the mood light. “It was wierd as well, because it was a real priest, so esentially me and Kristen are married now. …. (whispers) That’s actually true.”

Whether Ashley says to Rob, “Remember when YOU (instead of “he”, as in the priest) kept getting her name wrong?” is up to you. ;) What do you think?

BFD Friday

Ahhh, yes! BickeringRobsten from the beginning! What could be better foreshadowing of their relationship and their MTV First interview then R/K in this 2008 bubble?! Nikki Reed and Rachelle LeFevre drop out of the picture as Rob and Kristen become their own universe and have a flirty conversation and staring contest right there for all to see.

At 4:21:

Interviewer: “What was it about him? What did he have that was it?”

Rob: *looks at Kristen and smirks* “Hmmm?”

Kristen gets very fidgety. “You know…he didn’t look like he was just totally preoccupied with looking good. You looked uh, terrified…”

Rob: “Really bad!”

Kristen: “He’s also incapable of lying, which sometimes works to his advantage and sometimes not at all. But in that case, it did.”

Rob: When doesn’t it work?

Kristen: “Ummm, buddy?”

Rob: “Whatttt?”

*things get incoherent* *enter adorable banter*

Rob: Yeah!

Kristen: Nooooopppeeee.

Rob: Why?!

Kristen: Well, I mean, who wants to watch an actor lie on screen?

Rob: What are you saying?

Kristen: Okay, now you’re making me feel bad.


BFD Friday: Cannes Inspired!

With the exciting news that both Rob and Kristen will be attending the 2012 Cannes Film Festival in May for their roles in Cosmopolis and On the Road, respectfully, I thought we’d take a look back at Rob’s first and most recent visit to Cannes in 2009 when he was promoting New Moon. All I can say is I hope Rob wears a shirt like that again this year – it’s all kinds of flattering!

In this interview, he jokes about accepting fame (“I’m not him. I get that all the time.”), filming New Moon, and poses beautifully for the cameras.

Here is his appearance on the Grand Journal (dubbed in French) during his last trip to Cannes! I mean, just look at him! And watch the Cosmopolis trailer here!

Also, I thought I’d add Moviephone’s Unscripted with Rob and Kristen in 2008 when they promoted Twilight because Kristen talks about her first reaction to getting the role of “Marylou” in On the Road. Can you believe this movie was in the works at that time with Kristen involved and it’s just being released now?! Time flies! Watch the On the Road trailer here!

BFD Friday

This was such an epic day for Robsten fans everywhere! Not only did we get all of the adoreable, loveable gestures during the Comic-Con Panel and Q&A, but we got an interview with them ALONE for the first time since Twilight promos in 2008!
My favorite part of this whole interview is how they end up talking to each other instead of to the interviewer!
Watch this full video of their interview and swoon over their adoreable bickering, Kristen’s he’s-so-weird-but-i-love-him-anyways looks and how close they are sitting. <3

BFD Friday

This video will have your Robsten hearts melting this Friday as you witness the obvious connection between Rob and Kristen at LA Twi-Con 2011!  We were lucky enough to have Strictly Robsten’s @melmo2632 attend in November and she recorded this epic clip!

This is one of my favorite Robsten candid conversations! They just can’t help themselves sometimes and it’s so evident that they’re flirting. <3

They talk about the audition process for Twilight.
K: “The next step was finding this guy. Take it from there!”
R: “I went to do a meeting at Catherine’s house in Venice…”
K: “The address is, uhh…”
R: “I remember we did the biology scene and some other scene she did in the garden. I don’t know what it was about. Lots of…prancing.”
*Kristen looks at him funny* “What? Listen man, you better watch it.”
R: “What?”
K: “This is near and dear!”
*enter cute smirks and dancing eyes here*
R: “No, it was!”
K: “We did no prancing!”
R: “That’s how I got the part!”
*Their smiles are proof that they’re smitten*

And then Rob makes a point that he’s only ever done this for Kristen:
R:”And then I sent a really ass-kissy letter to Catherine Hardwicke, which I’ve never done before or since…”
*Kristen looks at him and smiles, knowing the reason why*
R: “Yeah, and I sent that, and she called me back and said…”
K: “And I convinced her that it was definitely the right idea!”

Then they proceed to flirt and Rob looks at Kristen all gooey-eyed:
R: Thanks for taking my punch line.
K: Sorry.

And to that, Strictly Robsten and the fans at Twi-Con say: WHOOOOO! THANK YOU, KRISTEN!