BFD Friday

The LA Eclipse premiere was definitely a BFD moment when Rob and Kristen showed a more “OBVIOUS” affection for one another than they did for the New Moon promo in 2009.  Letting a bit more of their relationship shine, they became more affectionate and open – and so began the fisting of the jacket and the hands all over the dress.  Here are some interviews, as well as incredibly sweet Robsten moments, from the LA Eclipse premiere in 2010!

Kristen talks about living a normal life, sweet fan encounters, and how she chooses her premiere dresses. “I have one girl who comes to all of these things, and she’s right over there (points), and I just gave her two tickets (to the premiere) and she flipped out. It’s awesome!”  Man, wouldn’t you love to be that fan?! Kristen was so thoughtful and happy to do that for her!

Well, I guess we taught Rob how to scream and freak out just like us…we know how he feels. “I CAN’T BREATHE!” Oh, and, “It’s so obvious!”

Kristen fists Rob’s jacket and Rob brushes his finger on Kristen’s stomach. Enough said. Chemistry + Whispers = OBVIOUS BFD
Kristen’s face lights up when she sees Rob is right next to her. <3

BFD Friday

The Stages of Robsten’s relationship shown on The Today Show
2008: “Just Friends”, but Crushing

“I’d just seen Into the Wild and that’s the only reason I went to the audition.”
“And he had a little bit of a crush on Kristen? Still do?”
“Oh, yeah, obviously.”“Kristen, you’re the one who said, ‘it’s gotta go to this guy.’ Why?”
“Because he’s not perfect. That whole ideal man thing is something that is so undesirable.”

2009: Avoidance

“You’re dating one of your co-stars. Her name rhymes with Tristan Blewart.”
“Ummmm, Tristan Blewart. There was a Liston Hewart last year.”
Here is Kristen’s interview for New Moon also:

2010 Growing Up/Normalcy

2011: Breakthrough Acceptance
(Here is Rob’s April appearance for Water for Elephants, too!)

2011 was the year they became more open talking about each other. <3“She looked amazing in it.” (talking about the wedding dress)
“Congratulations, so much success. A beautiful girlfriend…”
*smiles and ignores, but is proud of his relationship*

Check out our post of Kristen and Charlize Theron on The Today Show with tons of HQ pics and MQ video from this past week!

BFD Friday

It’s the weekend! Let’s celebrate with some fun Rob and Kristen interviews from the Eclipse press tour with our main interview man, Josh Horowitz from MTV!

Here Rob talks about what he imagines the BD birth scene to be like (his fav horror flick), glitter lube (“I did NOT sign that! Where is the paper?”), and MTV Movie Awards kiss (“We gotta do something dumb…and then Kristen didn’t want to do something dumb.”).

Rob is irrisistable in this entire interview, but can we just point out that he is especially swoonworthy between 1:52 and 2:37?

Josh: I felt like the majority of your scenes were either action, or your arguing with Taylor, or your snuggling with Kristen. (Rob makes a “Yup, that pretty much sums it up” face).  Did you have a favorite of those three?
Rob: What about the scene “snuggling with Taylor? Was that cut?” Avoiding the queston, Rob! It’s okay, we all know the answer.

“That’s a bit saucy.”

In these clips (part 1 and part 2 + bonus clip), Kristen talks with Josh about “not giving Rob any instructions”, calls Josh “pretty cool”, and Rob’s plan for the MTV Movie Awards kiss (“He’s still angry we didn’t do his hula-hoop juggling idea”).

About On the Road: “I’m really nervous, genuinely nervous, but not in a bad way. People think nerves are a bad thing, but I love them. They get you ready to do something big. I’m stoked.”
That’s our girl. :)

On relating Eclipse to her personal experiences: “You definitely are genuinely inspired if you can relate to something.  I know what it feels like to be unsure, I know what it feels like to be ashamed and having made mistakes, and wanting to be like, ‘Hey! It’s totally okay for me to have made that mistake!'”

BFD Friday

FOLLOW FRIDAY! – Special Twitter shoutout to those I promised one last week: @NJSilla @ayyobooboo @tri4mut @dollyreader @robstengold @AshleeC2012 @foreverlovingRK @claraclairereeHappy Friday! This week, we take a look back at Rob and Kristen’s appearances on Tonight with Jay Leno with their behind-the-scenes interviews! Kristen has had two, so I included both. She has changed so much since 2010!

In the first one, she was promoting Welcome to the Rileys.  Her hair is red from filming On the Road and coming off of promoting Eclipse over the summer.  Here she talks about how she fought her management to wear her sneakers, but “they won”, she says.
How weird is it to hear at the end that she’s going to start filming Breaking Dawn months after this appearance? And now it’s on DVD! Time flies!

Fastforwarding to November 2011, Kristen is here to promote Breaking Dawn Part 1.  Her hair is a dark, deep brown – almost black – and has hair extensions from filming Snow White and the Huntsman.  It’s a huge departure from the look she has in the video above!  She also appears to be her usual, modest self (sans high heels), but she talks about getting her hands and feet imprinted for Grauman’s Chinese Theater.  Life-changing!

Here, Rob is promoting Water for Elephants in April 2011 after just finishing filming Breaking Dawn Part 1 (hence the 8 month break he refers to). He remains witty as always when he “steals” Alice Cooper’s cane and jokes that he’s going to use it to carry his beef jerky.

BFD Friday

F R I D A Y !
Here are 2 separate magazine interviews of Kristen (Glamour) and Rob (USA Today)!

5 Things We Learned About Kristen:
– She loves her freakin’ cat.
– She does a great Harrison Ford impersonation. “My wife, my family. My wife, my family.”
– She has no problem looking sexy getting up from the floor.
– She fangirls hard, like we do.
– No other actress could have played Bella better than her. She was meant for this role.

5 Things We Learned About Rob:
– He’s a good daddy to his pup.
– His laughter is contagious.
– He probably wouldn’t mind having an elephant as a pet.
-He’s a good friend because he promotes his best friends’ music careers.
– He could get drunk, pass out in the gutter, and we’d still love him.

BFD Friday

Happy Friday!Let’s take a look back at Pre-Robsten couple days and watch the lead-up to it! The stolen glances, the smirks, the subtle flirting…. ahh, those were the days (but these days are SO much better!)  Even though we love Rob and Kristen together, of course, 2008 was a fun year to watch them interact because we knew one day they would get together!

Note: The screaming in these videos is pretty loud, but the sound goes in and out with its quality, so just beware! :) It’s newbie Twilight fandom CHAOS! 

@3:58 Kristen talks about how Bella is a normal girl and that anyone could have played her. It’s interesting to notice how her opinion has always been the same. She still talks about how she is just like us, the fans, because we love the story so much.
@4:22 Rob’s reaction to the screaming… lmao
@4:45Kristen fake screaming over Rob being cast as Edward – definitely one of us. ;)Another side note: Can I just have Kristen’s hair?! She flips it around and she still looks sexy! It must be a one of a kind talent because no one else can do that but her!  

It’s so funny to see how fidgety and nervous they were, more so than now, and how now they’ve gotten so much better at handling the craziness! I LOVE that we got to watch them grow up in front of our eyes through each movie that came out and how they dealt with their fame. Rob and Kristen seem so uncomfortable in these clips and now they’re pros! They’ve matured so much, but are still the same people and that’s what I love about them.

BFD Friday

 Let me just say, Rob is the perfect introduction to this video…. BeanieRob, I miss you!

This video clip is from Twilight press tour in Japan in 2008! 

Rob’s not-so-subtle coy lip-licking and sexy grin at Kristen *coughKristen’sbootycough* makes this video. Just sayin’.

“Kristen has beaten me once again” -Rob after Kristen speaks in Japan (1:15)

Kristen is so thoughtful and thinks deeply about how she prepared for her role as Bella around 4:04. Just the way she speaks and words her answer is very impressive. I love how she compares herself to Bella:

“She has a much more steady energy than I do, which makes it much more interesting when she meets Edward and is sort of thrown off.  She’s quite steady and then all of a sudden, she meets him and it’s like, she doesn’t know what to do with herself. And then reading the book, and spending time with this guy… ” *points to Rob* (This sentiment can mirror Robsten’s relationship, yes?)

The way they embrace at 7:49 and the way she looks up at him at 8:10 is love.

Silly Kristen waves like a queen at 8:40. So cute. :)

They are all babies here! Can you believe how much has changed since then? They’re much more comfortable with each other, talk more to each other during interviews, and joke around more. It’s so fun to see how they’ve grown, but they’re still the same in the way they think.  I would love to have been the fly on the wall during the build up to their relationship! #sexualtension, holla!