BFD Friday

Funny things come out of Rob’s mouth all the time, but Kristen is a jokester too when she wants to be! Here are some interviews from the New Moon press junket!

It never fails to make me laugh how she says, “You feel like you’re being shot, too. With a gun.” *points*
“And I threw the cookie on the ground and was like, ‘That’s why!'”
“And then I was like, ‘I want that cookie back.'”

Rob answers some questions in the form of Taylor and answers some quick questions!

His laugh in the beginning….
“Birthday suit, obviously.” (2:02)
If cheese was audible what sound would it make? - Eek. No, that’s just a mouse. That’s rubbish. (2:30)
His face after the other sound he makes. lmao

BFD Friday

Here are two interviews from the Eclipse press junket where Kristen talks about enjoying what she wears more and Rob jokes that he and Kristen make out all the time… lol Kristen is SO real, as always, but I really enjoyed this interview. She goes to the movies and cries, too. lol ;) Duh.

When I first saw Rob’s interview, I thought he knew this interviewer because he seemed so easy going and comfortable to joke around so quickly! I love it. :) His sarcasm is through the roof in this one!

BFD Friday

Hello hello hello! I hope everyone’s had a chance to jumpstart their weekend early today! If not, maybe this video will hold you over until it’s officially the weekend for you, whether you’re just about to get off work or almost done with school for the day!
This week’s BFD clip is from the Eclipse press tour when Rob, Kristen, and Taylor were on Oprah! There are so many adorable moments and giggling back and forth between Robsten. I just had to share it and relive the epicness!
At 3:08, Rob and Kristen describe why the Twifans have created such a phenomenon and I think they hit the nail on the head with their explanations!  That’s what makes this fandom so exciting is the hype around Rob and Kristen especially, and the fact that we get to discuss Twilight (and Robsten, of course!) with other fans who love it just as much!
Kristen mentions at 3:38 that she will never have another experience like Twilight (as a saga)…and my thought was Snow White! It could very well become a trilogy and it’s interesting to see here what she says when we know now that it is possible.  Nothing will reach the Twi-level, obviously, but she might be involved in another story with sequels.
Oprah gives Kristen a hug so she can stop being nervous and Rob’s laugh at 4:08 is so infectious! I love that he thinks it’s so funny. lol Then Kristen turns to the audience and says, “this means a lot to you guys” (meaning Twilight) and makes it a personal comment to the fans. I adored that.  Rob stares at her in utter adoration, as well…that look is undeniable.
My favorite part of this clip is at 6:10 when Oprah asks Rob how he does his American accent and Rob claims that Kristen thinks he does the worst accent ever. lol Can you imagine the two of them filming a scene, and she stops and laughs at the way he said something? Dead.
Then they start to list some words that are hard to say in an American accent and Kristen automatically knows that ‘pasta’ is difficult, and the way Rob says, “Nachos” is hilarious!
Our typical Rob cracks a joke and says that being named ‘Most Beautiful’ meant more to him than ‘Most Influential”, and Kristen just scratches her head and makes her infamous ‘OMG Rob’ look. :D
Rob: “I just want someone to pat me on the back.”
*Kristen pats Rob’s back*

There are SO many ridiculously cute moments between them throughout the rest of this show, so click here for Part 2 (“Kristen’s Pregnant!” & Rob visiting people’s houses) and Part 3 (what they like to do for fun)!

BFD Friday

It’s the weekend! Yippeee! I’m so glad this week is over, so let’s celebrate with an old-school Robsten interview back in the day when they did joint interviews together! This is what it should always be like!
This interview actually reminds me of their Comic Con interview together, especially toward the end because they are so comfortable! I’m asking for just one…or more…joint interviews together before the end of Breaking Dawn Part 2. Is that too much to ask? I digress. Here’s the clip:
I loved their explanations of their characters until 2:19, and then Rob making fun of himself playing ‘the symbol of all gorgeousness and greatness in the world’ around the 3 minute mark. Kristen laughing at his joke is very cute. :)
And then he does his awkward ‘the Fonz’ impression and Kristen gives him her infamous ‘WTF, Rob?’ look. lol
I love when Kristen tries to correct Rob about what scenes they did during the audition process at 4:40 and she’s being all flirty and says, “Sorry I messed the flow!” of what he was saying. It reminds me of the New Moon promo interview on Jimmy Kimmel. ;)
Both playing with their hands at 5:12! And both playing with their hair at 6:50 and when they realize it, they bust out laughing and Rob gets all distracted. Adorbs!
Rob: “Do you want to continue this answer because I feel like I’m digging a hole for myself.”
Kristen: “I do that in every interview.”
Rob: “Do you know what I’m saying?”
Kristen knows him so well, she then imitates him and says, “He’s just being like, ‘That’s not what I meant!'” And Rob says, What?” just like he does in the Comic Con interview…all flirty and cute and giggly! hehe
Kristen: “We’re kind of annoying to work with in that this is the way we behave.”
And we love when you both behave like that, Kristen!

BFD Friday

Today, we take a look back at some of Robsten’s adorable on set moments from the Twilight saga! These are some of my favorites and I hope I included some of yours!

Because I’m always late to the party, this footage of Robsten filming Breaking Dawn in Lapa, Brazil completely 100% sold me that Robsten were real. I am one of those people who needs hard-core evidence even though I suspect they are together. Well, folks, I think handholding off-camera is certainly evidence enough!

How cute is this? Rehearsing their scene, Kristen lets her hands linger Rob’s back a little bit longer than a non-romantic couple would. ;)

This is new to me…Rob and Kristen rehearsing another scene from New Moon:

Short but sweet…Rob screws up the scene in New Moon and grabs onto Kristen’s waist:

I love this. Rob and Kristen talk to each other and Chris Weitz in between takes, and Kristen takes care of Rob’s face when she sees something on it – always have each other’s back. ;)

Robsten laughing while filming New Moon:

Breaking Dawn brought us lots and lots of BTS goodies including Rob and Kristen leaning on each other, laughing, lots of little touches, kisses, and adorable moments on set!

Rob tucks Kristen’s hair (wig) behind her ear while filming Eclipse.  Plus, the inevitable chemistry that ignites when two people are meant to be….

Rob and Kristen, *cough* I mean Edward and Bella making out in the ocean in the Virgin Islands filming Breaking Dawn. Getting hot and heavy in between takes:

Other clips that won’t embed, but are totally adorable and must be watched immediately:
Rob and Kristen bonding while walking to lunch during Twilight filming

Rob making Kristen laugh in between takes near the greenhouse during Twilight filming

BFD Friday

Happy Friday!
Okay, so I saw the beginning of this clip and I had never seen it before! It’s a BTS clip of Rob, Kristen, and Taylor before they are interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel to promote New Moon.  It’s so cute how Rob is holding his girl’s arm all proud! teehee :) Just look at how Kristen is holding onto Rob’s arm, but barely holding onto Taylor’s.
At 2:20, Rob says that London is the country where the fans are quieter, but only because “no one knew what the film is about” and Kristen goes, “He’s just self-depricating”. She knows him so well. ;)
I love at 2:36 when Jimmy Kimmel asks Taylor what’s going on with Robsten and they both laugh. Rob thinks it’s hilarious and Kristen just shakes her head and smiles shyly.
And I love the way she’s looking at him at 5:15 when Rob’s talking about feeling insecure about his body and then she rolls her eyes and shakes her head. And then when she talks about not working out, the way he looks at her and smiles is so adorable!
If you want to watch Part 2, where they answer fan questions, click here!

BFD Friday

Before I introduce the post, I would like to wish my friend and fellow SR blogger, Chelsea, a very happy birthday today!! Love you, doll! <3So, in the spirit of Christmas (2 days away!!), I thought it was appropriate to highlight Rob and Kristen’s ‘Stocking of Truth’ interviews from the New Moon press junket!

You know two people are soulmates when they choose the same question from the stocking. ;)
“Which celebrity would you like to kiss under the mistletoe?”

Kristen’s sarcasm is so subtle and that’s what I love about her. “This is fate. I hope I choose the right one.” Her answer to the question is also very cute. “I wouldn’t want to kiss anybody I didn’t know. I’m a weirdo like that.” And then she mocks the interviewer. lol
And why can’t Rob think of any celebrities to kiss under the mistletoe? Because the one person he wants to kiss under the mistletoe he can’t name. *coughKristencough*