BFD Friday

This week’s BFD Friday is focused on Kristen and Rob talking about Kristen’s cooking! There’s been a lot of it lately, so I thought I’d try to highlight some of the cute videos. If I’m missing any, let me know!!

Kristen talks about making real Italian dinners and Rob talking about how he loves to eat it!

At 2:30, Rob tries to remember who Kristen’s favorite chef is on the cooking channel. I love how he says he *should* know it (because he’s around her all the time when it’s on probably. hehe) And then he says, “with the butter” and laughs adorably. ;)

“Kristen literally only watches the cooking channel…It’s her only diva-ish behavior.”
“…and you all reap the benefits!”

Skip to :40 to see Rob & Kristen talk about Kristen’s Loquat Crumbles. ;)

Here is a video of Kristen getting cutely embarassed about telling people she can cook. So sweet.

On MTV First, Kristen talks about waiting for her cookbook or Rob’s album (wouldn’t let me embed, but here it is!):
Cookbook or Album?

Here’s a cute article about Kristen talking about her cooking:

Kristen watches cooking channels to relax – “the boys have spread the fact I cook onset like wildfire and now I’m asked about it in every interview.”

Rob talking about Kristen being a nerd for watching the cooking channel:
“It was bizarre!”

BFD Friday!

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you are enjoying the start to your weekend!

Yes, we’ve seen this interview a million and one times. I can say I’ve seen it about that or more! Since Rob and Kristen have come such a long way as a couple, I always think it’s fun and interesting to take a look back at much earlier interviews of them before they made the jump from offscreen to onscreen.  I get a wave of nostalgia when I watch this! Now, we all knew they had amazing chemistry and would eventually get together, but who could predict how they are with each other in public now! They’ve changed so much since this French interview in 2008, and it’s adorable Robsten banter at its best!

I love when they say they could never fall for each other in real life! Yeah, right, guys! ;) I wonder what they were REALLY thinking in that exact moment?

The cutest moment is when the question is “Can you sing a song in French?” and Rob goes, “I asked you first” and Kristen’s like “uh-uh” and so candidly, Rob asks, “Why?” The way he says it sounds so begging. Like, Why notttttt. Come onn! haha

“You gotta go really fast…that’s normally quite good, especially with Kristen. In the face.”

Which question/answer is your favorite part of this interview? Comment below!

BFD Friday!

In the midst of the Breaking Dawn press tour, we’re going to take a look back at the New Moon Madrid fan event from 2009! It’s always interesting to me to see how Rob and Kristen interact with and react to each other during this year because things were just starting to get interesting! No more will they, won’t they with their relationship – we knew that they were together by this time! “It’s obvious!” as they would say!
Skip to 1:30 and witness the most epic answer to “What are the advantages of being a vampire?” Do you know what Rob says? ;)
Rob says something very sweet about the fans at 4:50…he’s so genuine about it too!

And who could forget this moment in the New Moon London press conference when Kristen grabs Rob’s hand in front of the whole room at 2:05! I still can’t believe she did that during this time! She seemed very comfortable sitting there next to him, much like she is now.  She tries to make the arm move look so subtle at 2:18…and I love when she infamously shushes him at 2:35 when he’s talking about his body. Trying to make her man stop talking bad about himself.  Things haven’t changed!

“What’s it like to kiss Robert?” Kristen answers “It’s cool.” Rob jokes, “It’s amazing!” at 2:56.


BFD Friday – Twilight Style!

In keeping with our ‘Twilight’ style week with the POTDs (view some here and here), here is Rob’s Access Hollywood interview from 2008 during the first ‘Twilight’ press tour! Remember the constant ‘proposal’ rumors of Rob and Kristen? Now they’re getting married – well in Breaking Dawn, that is. But hey! The minister was real, soooo….a fangirl can dream. ;) I digress.
I love Rob’s reaction in the beginning of the video when he says, “Wow, okay. Who are you talking to?” and laughs. Silly, Rob! You are the hottest vamp in the world! Then at :15, she asks, “Are you ready for your life to change?” and he says, “I’m always waiting for it to change, and it never does.” Ohhh, Rob. If only you knew then that your life with Kristen would change! hehe So fun to look back and now know that things DID change for him. Oh, and at 2:15, the way he says, “sex”…. UNF. And at the 3:06 mark…“I liked Kristen and I wanted to do it afterwards.  It definitely felt like something was right in the audition. It’s kinda why I wanted to do it.”” 

“I know what having sex with you is gonna be like, and it will be so amazing that I’ll end up killing you.” 
Enter sexy bed breaking gif here:

Here is Kristen’s interview:

Kristen’s hair and makeup is gorgeous as always. I love that she compliments Shaun Robinson right back! At the 3:00 mark: “He was so different from everybody else that came in and thoughts were going through his head…He’s also very responsive. He sees and he listens.

BFD Friday!

This week’s BFD Friday clip is from last year’s Twi-Con in LA! Since the announcement this week made us all giddy and anxious for new Robsten moments, I thought this was appropriate. ;)
I love Rob’s little “Shut up!” to Kristen in the beginning!  Also at 4:00, Rob’s “Ahhh!” and Kristen laughs and imitates him. Then around the 5:50 mark when Rob and Kristen laugh at Taylor’s “tent” comment.  Both realize they’re laughing at the same thing, it’s so adorable!They are so many cute moments here, but I hope this year can top them! I have a feeling we’re going to get some reaaallllllyyy nice goodies this November – and I’m not talking about after-Halloween treats!

This year’s Twilight Convention in LA is November 4-6.

BFD Friday!

This week’s BFD clip is of Kristen and Rob from the New Moon promos with Access Hollywood! I love Kristen’s pinned back Joan Jett hair and her red lips – very girly but also edgy, which only she can pull off. ;) And Rob is his goofy self here as always!
The 2:00 minute mark is so sweet how Kristen says, “That’s me and Rob!” At this time, the speculation of their relationship was still pretty fresh, so it’s interesting to see that how Kristen dodges the question at 2:30 and how she tries to dodge it in her new interview with GQ UK, are the same response.
“It’s funny that people would have a vested interest in who I end up with or who he ends up with. If I were to answer any question, and I’m sure that, this, even, the way I’m answering this, is tipping one side, ‘Oh, this is obvious that she’s…’ I’m sure that people will take from this what they will.” 
(Access Hollywood 2009 interview)

“So much of my life is so easily googled. I mean, it’s like, come on guys, it’s so obvious!” Her mood tights, perhaps all too aware of how much she’s already said. “But this subject, I don’t think you realise what a big deal it is for people. Well, it is a big deal. They would be ‘Oh. My. God’ There would also be still a 50/50 split. Some people would still be, ‘See, told you they’re not together.” 
(GQ November 2011 Interview)

The clip does cut off Kristen’s part, but if you want to view the whole interview, click here

My favorite Rob part is at 6:20 when he says: “We don’t have to go around in a pack! I don’t walk around with my shirt off all the time! Like a DORK. …It’s like driving a fancy car. It’s like, you’re insecure about something.” The way he says “dork” is so freakin’ cute.


BFD Friday!

In honor of the new soundtrack news and Breaking Dawn coming out in 48 days, I thought it was appropriate to post the prom scene in Twilight featuring “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” by Iron&Wine! I am so eager to hear what the wedding version of the song will sound like and then to put in the movie…with them dancing…my heart may not be able to take it!  The most sentimental part is that it will all come full circle..the song in the first and last movie (well, part 1 anyways!)  I understand when Kristen said she was so nostalgic about this movie because of how far they’ve come. :)

Whether you’ve watched it a million and one times or not, you should watch it again!  They both look so young and now they’re all grow’d up. *tear*