Rob and Guri Weinburg: Male Bonding Time

Guri Weinburg, who plays Stefan in Breaking Dawn, mentioned Robert in his blog today. The two definitely bonded during some talks about smoking while on set. I can just see this conversation in play, especially with Rob laughing so hard he can hardly breathe!

I am quitting smoking. I use the verb in it’s present tense because I still don’t feel entirely comfortable using the past tense. I have fallen off the non-smoking wagon so many times in my life that it may ALWAYS seem like a process. For anyone contemplating smoking – just slap yourself for me. Detoxing when you stop is just ridiculously uncomfortable. 

And, you know, you miss it. More accurately, you miss the social aspects. 

On Breaking Dawn, I would generally find Rob Pattinson already smoking when I’d go outside to sneak a few puffs in. We would generally start chatting about whatever, he’d get fired up about whatever we were discussing and he would then generally finish his cigarette and ask for one of mine. He’d light another one and we’d keep talking. Then I’d light another one. We would chain smoke if there was a long enough break on set. I hate to say that’s how we got to know each other but that’s how we got to know each other. As shooting went on, I was smoking a LOT. Getting sick, looking tired, yada, yada, yada. So, I started my daily rant that my wife is ALL too familiar with through many attempts to quit – ” I gotta stop smoking”. 

Rob looks at me and says, “You know, I heard that if you quit before you’re 30 you’re in the clear, health-wise.” 

Since I am passed 30, that doesn’t seem too good. 

“Hey, Rob. I’m over 30.” 

He just looks at me totally non-plussed. “I know.” 

Silence. I’m waiting for the “but”…it’s not coming. 

“Well, aren’t you just a ray of sunshine. Do me a favor – Go f*** yourself.” 

He’s laughing hard now. He keeps trying to talk but he’s laughing too hard. Feigning intense indignation, I get up to go to my room. 

“Listen, man. I gotta go. Costco has a sale on caskets right now and obviously it’s a matter of minutes AT MY AGE.” 

Now, he’s having trouble breathing, he’s laughing so hard. But, I’m still thinking…man…I have been smoking for way too long. 

So, I am quitting. Again. Not too unusual for me. What IS unusual is what I poured that excess energy into.

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BTS Video of Isle Esme

SPOILER ALERT! This video shows behind-the-scenes footage of Isle Esme in Breaking Dawn Part 1. **Video after break!**

Info about the maker of this video:

According to @Alana2910 from YouTube:“Who recorded this video was not a fan but a TV show called PANIC ON TV which is very good and has a framework called the impostor who comes into places like the dawn without being invited and without anyone knowing He managed to get in many places such as the opening of the World Cup and the burial of Michael Jackson, and this was only a proof that our Brazilian television is more competent than any other broadcaster of international television rob and kris i love you very much!”

Exclusive Look at Breaking Dawn Set Location in Squamish

TwiCrackAddict provided us with this amazing story of a couple girls who went in search for the Cullen house in Squamish, Canada and found plenty more incredible areas used for filming Breaking Dawn, including the infamous wedding scene! Here is part of their story with pictures included!

First when we walked down the drive way, you come to a large clearing in the woods… on our left was what was left of the Cullen garage ramp, and we knew we’d found it!

From then it was easy to figure out where the building had been because we could clearly make out the foundation shape of the Cullen’s house…

And the outline of where the garden was…

There were piles of more “fake” concrete rocks…

And at the back of where the house was, is a large garden area, which had obviously been cleared out and covered over with moss…

Down the middle, we could make out was must have been the aisle from the wedding!!

Comparing this picture with the actual scene from the Breaking Dawn: Part I trailer:
How neat to see it from two different perspectives!
What lucky girls to get to see all this! To read more of their story and see more pictures, click here!

‘Breaking Dawn’ Producer Speaks Out About Hacker & MPAA Rating Wyck Godfrey, producer of the Twilight movies presented his new TV show Revenge to the Television Critics Association. Afterwards, I pulled him to the side to ask about the latest on Breaking Dawn and landed an exclusive scoop.

Readers know that Bella’s birth scene will be difficult to show on screen, because of the graphic descriptions of vampire labor. Godfrey said that director Bill Condon has a solid cut of the scene that should land a PG-13 from the MPAA.

“I have seen numerous cuts,” Godfrey said. “I think that process is taking place right now. We don’t have any word yet on the rating but I think we’re going to be okay. We’re releasing it PG-13 and it’s incredibly powerful already. It definitely captures what the book captures.”

Breaking Dawn has been split into two parts in order to fit as much of the book as possible into the movies. Part one should not run any longer than Twilight, New Moon or Eclipse though.

“We’re very close to locking picture on part one,” Godfrey added. “It’s about what the other three are, about two hours. I haven’t seen an assembly for Part 2, so we’ll start to get into it in December.”

The piracy case has been big news for Summit, but Godfrey clarified that his job is to focus on finishing the film. However, he supports the studio’s effort to hold the pirate accountable.

“It’s very important for people to understand that when you hack into people’s private e-mails and private systems to steal material that is not yours, that you’re going to get punished. It’ll work itself out. What happens with this, the material already got out. There’s nothing we can do about that. I do think it’s about just sending a message that in this day and age, you can find that stuff out through your own computer systems and experts who can track that stuff.”