Kristen Stewart Walking Dawn the Aisle Felt “Real” to Ashley Greene

Kristen Stewart had been preparing herself for the big Breaking Dawn wedding scene for a while, but it wasn’t only emotional for the actress who had to make the trek down the aisle. Ashley Greene revealed that it hit close to home seeing her gal pal marry Robert Pattinson (in character Edward Cullen) on set.

“It was weird because she is one of my very good friends and even though it’s a movie, you feel like it’s real,” Ashley told OK! Thursday night at the Ella Moss 10th anniversary event in L.A. showcasing her commemorative capsule collection. “You are acting so you are feeling these emotions, and she is my best friend in the movie, so you are seeing your best friend walk down the aisle so it was kind of odd that you get a little emotional. But then you are filming a movie so…”

So does she think K-Stew very nervous? “I would be nervous to walk down any aisle that I would trip — there are all of these people watching so I am sure she was,” she said.

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R/K on balcony while in Brazil filming Breaking Dawn
….which reminds me….is THIS why you were thinking about a balcony Rob?
(@ 1:15)
Mmmhmm! You’re thinking of reality and not about scenes in the film Rob! :)))
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