Pre-Order the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn 2014 Calendar


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Although the Twilight Saga is officially over, the merchandise surrounding the films is definitely not! A 2014 Twilight Saga Calendar is now available to pre-order, which contains images and stills from all five films. Twilight doesn’t have to be over .. you’ve got all of 2014 to look at and admire the characters some more ;)

Click here to pre-order your 2014 calendar from (only $13.95!)

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The CO Releases “Safe With Me” on iTunes


As we previously reported, The CO (Breaking Dawn Part 2 soundtrack candidates) wrote “Safe With Me,” a song which was in talks to appear in the opening credits of Breaking Dawn Part 2. Unfortunately, their song did not make the soundtrack, but the band shared this exclusive information with us and even allowed us to interview them about their experience working on BD2 and their writing process.

“Safe With Me” is now available on iTunes! Be sure to download yourself a copy if you haven’t already done so! It’s a great song (and should’ve been on the soundtrack .. it’s THAT good).

Source: The CO

Robsten Fans ‘Peace-Out’ on the MTV Movie Awards


Today, we unite against MTV and the MTV Movie Awards. Since 2008, Twilight has been the only attraction of the MMAs. With over 15 wins and the historic Best Kiss consecutive sweep, this year’s MMA snub to us Twilight fans has us all enraged.

What are we going to do tonight during the MMAs you ask? Well, we will be watching what should’ve been recognized … Breaking Dawn Part 2. Unfortunately, timezones separate most of us, but if we can at least ensure that everyone is watching BD2 when the MMAs air in your part of the world, then we will be taking a stand against MTV.

Use the hashtag #BreakingDawnPart2Night tonight while you are watching Breaking Dawn Part 2 instead of the MTV Movie Awards!

The MTV Movie Awards air 9 PM EST | 8 PM CST.

New Breaking Dawn BTS Tidbit From Kristen


While filming a love scene for Breaking Dawn, Kristen heard scenes from another movie being shot at the same studios and joked she wanted to be in that movie! ;) Read on at the source to find out more about the studio below.

Stage 2, once intended to be Master P’s basketball court, now serves as one of the smaller stages at Celtic. During the shoot that gave Stage 2 its nickname — “Twilight Holy Ground” — Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were filming in bed together when the noise of gunfire made it through the soundproof walls — the sound of an AR-15 firing from the “Battleship” set across the lot. According to Mulhearn, Stewart jumped up in the bed and shouted, “I wanna be in that movie!”

Via: KStewartnews | Twitter / elise2544
Source: The Daily Reveille

MyAnna Buring Mentions Working w/ Rob on BD2 Set


When Marie Claire met with Twilight and Downton Abbey star, MyAnna Buring we had to ask what she found most attractive about the British star. MyAnna told us: ‘Robert Pattinson was born beautiful, he was just one of the lucky ones.

Although she was quick to stress just how talented he was and that this can sometimes be overlooked.

‘Robert is a really great actor a lot of people forget that,’ MyAnna said. ‘To play dark and brooding and in lust and in love with someone is not that easy.’

And it’s something Robert Pattinson pulls off with aplomb when playing Edward Cullen – so much so we often got lost in his eye during the Twilight films.

After spending six months on location with Robert during the filming of Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2, MyAnna was in awe of the actor adding: ‘You get onto a set and realise how odd and awkward [playing someone in love] can be. But people like Rob make it very natural and easy. I think there’s something very attractive about that.’

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